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E cigarette liquid composition

This is what electronic cigarette liquids are made of. If you are considering the use of an electronic cigarette to replace your regular cigarette, you are probably also asking yourself many questions. Initially, people are often sceptical, and full of doubts and uncertainties. Obviously this is normal. Let us start by explaining what an electronic […]

Best 5 flavors for electronic cigarette of 2020 on Terpi

The top 5 of the best vaping flavours of 2020 on Terpy The e cigarette flavours (to be combined with the e-liquid base to create customized vaping liquids) are many and the tastes are always subjective, therefore it is difficult to choose a better flavour than another one. Even the situations of use and the […]

To take the electronic cigarette on the plane, here's what you need to know

Rules, dogmas and doubts about transporting your e-cig by plane More and more people use electronic cigarettes and vaping liquids on a daily basis and need to always carry it with them. For this reason, when the holiday period approaches, a question often arises: “Can I bring the electronic cigarette on the plane?“. In this […]

The best electronic cigarette cases on the market: 5 ideas

Here are the best electronic cigarette cases on the market! The electronic cigarette in a bag or placed on other surfaces can be easily damaged with scratches and small holes, as well as running the risk of losing vaping liquids from the drip tip and impregnating pockets and bags. A practical and stylish way to […]

Electronic Cigarette Liquid online Rankings

How best to choose vaporizing liquids for electronic cigarettes. Investing your money well also means carefully choosing the right brand of electronic cigarettes that guarantees the best compatibility with the e liquid on the market and vice versa. If there is no time to accurately evaluate all the choices available on the market, it may […]