5 apps for electronic cigarette liquid you should not miss

The best apps for your e-cigarette

Published on: 17/06/2022

The best apps to simplify your life as a vaper

Smartphone apps are excellent: there are an almost infinite number of them, and thanks to them, life has become a lot easier.

You can find suitable ones to help you with any task: find the nearest petrol station, organise a trip by booking flights and hotels, organise your daily schedule, etc.

If you are a vaper, you should know that there are many designed to help you mix e-cigarette liquids. However, if you also love to make your e-liquids at home, you can’t do without these apps!

Want to know which ones are the best? Here is a list of 5 apps you should not miss.

E-cig Diary

The first app I want to recommend is E-cig Diary, which is only available for Android smartphones and can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.

It has a bunch of exciting features with which you can keep track of your e-cigarette liquid consumption and battery consumption, analyse the characteristics of a particular device (resistance, amps, wattage etc.), and calculate the nicotine concentration resulting from mixing two e-liquids and much more.

The app’s most popular tool for vapers is the do-it-yourself liquid mixing calculator that gives the exact proportions of VG, PG aroma and nicotine to achieve the desired result. Thanks to this feature, even novices can create their dream liquid quickly and easily.

In addition, E-cig Diary has been designed to highlight the advantages of vaping compared to smoking traditional cigarettes with an actual diary where you can enter the primary data on your vaping habits and expenses and get lots of information such as money saved, days of life gained, and X-rays avoided.

Man vaping DIY liquid

E-liquid calculator

This made-in-Italy app does precisely what it promises: it helps users find the dosages of the various ingredients to mix their e-cigarette liquids without losing their heads among a thousand numbers and calculations.

The interface is quite simple, although it takes a little time to master it. From the app’s main window, you can indicate the characteristics you want to achieve (VG/PG ratio, nicotine concentration, etc.), and the app will do the rest, returning a ready-to-use recipe.

The E-liquid calculator is only available for Android smartphones and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

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E-liquid recipes

Here is another app exclusively for Android and dedicated to vaper lovers of DIY liquids.

The main feature of E-liquid recipes lies in its vast database, which is full of many user-created recipes to suit all tastes. Its strength lies in taking the motto ‘unity is strength’ literally. Anyone can enter their recipes and enrich their database, which has continuously expanded since its release.

Choose this app, and you too can contribute to the vaping community, helping anyone who needs a hand in creating their liquids and sharing your recipes with other users.

Regenerable resistance made with Vape Tool

Vape Tool

We now turn to an app available for both Android and iPhone. It is Vape Tool, a valuable tool focusing on two features.

  • an e-liquid calculator that is unlike any of the previous apps. You only have to enter the characteristics of the liquid you want to obtain a handy recipe for making it at home without any difficulty;
  • a resistance calculator, a must for vapers using rebuildable atomisers. If you are also part of this group, you will undoubtedly know how complicated it can be to make resistances that work correctly, especially when you are still a novice. With this app, you can achieve the perfect resistance by precisely calculating the number of metal wire windings, and you can even find out what wattage is most suitable for a good throat hit based on the characteristics of your device.

Svapo News&Forums

Let’s close with one last Android app that is very useful for any vaper.

Like all the ones I’ve mentioned so far, Svapo News&Forums also has a handy calculator for mixing your DIY liquids. Still, its main feature, as you can tell from its name, is another: this app keeps you constantly informed about everything related to the world of vaping by giving you the latest news from the major web portals dedicated to vapers.

In addition, it allows you to interact with numerous forums directly from its interface, so you can read other users’ posts and post replies to discussions from the comfort of your smartphone.

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In conclusion

I have shown you the 5 best vapers apps and explained their main features.

As you have seen, the omnipresent feature is the one dedicated to calculating the ingredients for DIY e-cigarette liquids, which is sought after by many vapers who do not want to waste hours between numbers and percentages.

If you are one of them, you now know which apps you can use to make your life easier. All you need to do is buy quality products to mix your homemade e-liquids.

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