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Best e-cig liquid brands: the guide

Published on: 15/06/2022

Guide to the best e-cigarette liquid brands

A vaper has a choice of so many electronic cigarette liquids that it can sometimes be challenging to know which one is ideal. In addition, countless different flavours, types and brands can confuse anyone.

That is why when faced with the question “What type of e-liquid would you like to buy?” the answer might be “A good one”.

This adjective has no absolute value, and it would be virtually impossible to indicate a suitable e-cigarette liquid for everyone. That is why I thought the best way to help you in your search for a product that is right for you is to give you an overview of the 5 best e-liquid brands so that you can decide which of them will suit your taste.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Girl vaping vaporart-liquid

5. Vaporart

The well-known company Vaporart is a must for novice vapers. Let’s not hide it: probably the first e-cigarette liquids you and I vape were produced by this company.

The secret to Vaporart’s success among those who have just entered the world of vaping is the offer of numerous tobacco e-liquids with an aroma similar to blondes but at the same time easy to use.

If you’re wondering what I mean by ‘easy to use, let me explain: as you may already know, veteran tobacco e-liquid connoisseurs tend to buy organics and consider them the ultimate in blonde-like flavour fidelity. Unfortunately, however, these products are not suitable for the primary electronic cigarettes used by novice vapers because they quickly ruin the resistances.

In short, Vaporart liquids can be a good starting point for beginners looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

4. DEA flavour

DEA flavour liquids are considered to be a little more elaborate than Vaporart liquids, and they can be a good choice for a vaper who is starting to get some experience and would like to try something different from basic drinks.

This company offers a wide variety of e-liquids, but the best-known ones to most vapers are the tobaccos and cigars. Among the latter, in particular, several consumers like Cuba, a liquid that partly succeeds in reproducing the aroma of Cuban cigars. However, from personal experience, I think it tastes more like a cigarillo with a slight chocolate undertone.

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3. TNT Vape

TNT Vape is a company with a catalogue consisting of both standard and organic liquids.

Regarding the first group, one of the most famous e-liquids produced by this brand is Booms, tobacco with hints of vanilla and other unidentifiable ingredients (I believe there is cocoa). There is also a variant of this liquid called Booms Reserve, which is a little sweeter than its ‘cousin’ and has some roasted notes that I did not find in the standard Booms.

As far as organics are concerned, on the other hand, one should speak of concentrated flavourings rather than ready-to-use e-liquids. The TNT Vape Organic line consists of this type of product. Among these, the tobacco flavour Dallas and El Puro, a flavour that promises to restore the experience of smoking a good Havana, are having a fair amount of success.

Woman savouring an Azhad's Elixir liquid

2. Azhad’s Elixirs

When talking about organic liquids, many vapers immediately think of the company Azhad’s Elixirs, best known for its ‘Bacchus & Tobacco’ product line: a catchy name for a series of liquids created by blending tobacco flavours with the taste of spirits such as rum, English whisky and bitters.

Azhar’s e-liquids are often referred to as a must-have for true vaping connoisseurs and as products that faithfully reproduce the taste of the raw materials from which the company derives its creations.

Before choosing their liquids, however, you must think carefully about the type of device you want to vape them. As I told you before, the composition of organics means that they quickly ruin resistors and cotton. For this reason, if you use them with a cartridge atomiser, you risk having to change coils practically every day, spending a lot of money.

Ideally, you should vape them with manufacturable devices to save on the expense of resistors (loose cotton and metal wires cost very little).

Mind you, though: regenerable e-cigarettes require a lot of work: if you don’t have some spare time, you may have difficulty keeping such a device operational.

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1. Terpy

Well, now we have reached the top step of the podium, occupied by Terpy branded products, the number 1 vape shop in Europe.

On our online shop, you can find fruity, tobacco, creamy and even speciality e-cigarette liquids, a line of e-liquids created to shock and delight the vaper’s palate.

Please note: you will not see the usual endless list of products on our site. Unlike most of our competitors, we have decided to focus on quality. We offer only selected liquids that guarantee a satisfying vape in any situation and for any vaper, whether a beginner or a veteran who has been vaping for many years.

Furthermore, we set ourselves the goal of satisfying the needs of any customer concerning liquid composition. That is why at Terpy, you can customise any e-liquid you want to buy, choosing the format, the ratio of VG to PG and the desired nicotine concentration. In this way, you can have liquids tailor-made for you without being forced to buy the ingredients yourself and mix them at home with the risk of being dissatisfied with the result.

If you are an expert in do-it-yourself e-liquids as well, and you feel you can do without our customisation proposal, then we invite you to look at our selection of tasty flavour concentrates: you are sure to find the right one for you!

What are you waiting for? Start shopping at Terpy.com now!