Electronic cigarette liquid brands: buying guide

Buying guide to the best e-liquid brands

Modified on: 29/07/2023

The 5 best brands to choose from to buy top electronic cigarette liquids

The great thing about being a vaper is that you can enjoy the pleasure of an excellent vape with your own e-cigarette liquids without worrying about the damage to your health caused by traditional cigarettes.

However, there is also the other side of the coin: there are hundreds of different flavours and products to choose from, but you never have the time to try them all!

The ideal solution is to identify the best brands in the industry and buy their products so that you can choose from a narrower range of e-liquids with the guarantee of having only the best.

Want to know which are the 5 top brands in the world of vaping?

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Vaporart is a brand loved by a large number of vapers that produces liquids for all tastes

5. Vaporart

Vapour is one of the best-known manufacturers of electronic cigarette liquids and has been in the business for many years.

The ‘standard’ product line includes some items that have become classics, including Malby, a tobacco liquid that is frequently recommended to new vapers who have recently given up traditional cigarettes. The name itself is reminiscent of a very famous brand of cigarettes! The flavour is relatively dry and is designed to be as tobacco-like as possible.

Vapour also has a line of unique products developed in collaboration with famous YouTubers, such as the fantastic Jungle, a sweet and refreshing tropical fruit liquid.

4. DEA flavour

DEA is another well-known brand whose strength lies in offering numerous different flavours capable of appealing to the preferences of a wide range of vapers. This company also plays a lot on product names, often taking inspiration from Greek gods (after all, it is called DEA, right?).

Their best-known product is Calliope, an aromatic tobacco somewhat reminiscent of Virginia, with the addition of a hint of sweetness. It is not exactly an ‘all-day’, and those who do not like the typical straw flavour of Virginia might find it unpalatable, but it is worth a try.

DEA also offers the ‘I freschissimi‘ line, a series of items made with ‘extra fresh’ bases, ideal for warmer summers.

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3. TNT Vape

You know that TNT Vape rhymes with ‘Booms’ if you are a veteran vaper. However, lovers of ‘cigar’ liquids often choose the classic TNT Booms, a product that combines the taste of cigarillo with a hint of vanilla and other flavours that the company describes as ‘super-secret’.

This brand offers several other lines, including Vape Natural Organic (organic), Vape Pastry (creamy) and Vape Tabac (classic tobaccos). However, the jewel in TNT’s crown is ‘The Magnificent 7’, a series of particularly elaborate and sophisticated products designed for the most discerning vaper.

Azhad's Elixirs is renowned for producing sophisticated liquids for the most discerning palates

2. Azhad’s Elixirs

Azhar’s Elixirs is known for its high-quality organic liquids, considered a must for true connoisseurs of tobacco vaping.

Their products are obtained exclusively through cold mechanical extraction not to alter the tobacco’s organoleptic characteristics and not contaminate it with solvents.

Among their most exciting products is Persian Apricot, apricot-flavoured tobacco that is well balanced to be well suited for all-day vaping.

As is well known, organic liquids have dirty resistances a lot, and Azhad’s are no different! However, constantly changing the coil is a sacrifice that fans of this company more than willingly make to enjoy their favourite liquids.

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1. Terpy

Terpy is the number 1 shop for vaping products in Europe, and its excellence is also demonstrated by the excellent quality of its electronic cigarette liquids.

Among these is the tobacco ‘Classic’, a simple but intense flavour designed for all those making the delicate transition from cigarettes to vaping. Its aroma makes it ideal for emulating the smoke of traditional cigarettes without ever tiring the palate so that it can be used throughout the day.

For fruit lovers, there are plenty of fresh and juicy liquids available in the shop. In particular, we would like to recommend Peach Jam, an e-liquid with a sweet and delicate flavour, ideal for vaping during summer days.

On Terpy.com, you cannot miss the creamy ones: stracciatella cookie, lemon cake, panettone and many others! Want a tip? Try our Irish Coffee, the ideal flavour for lovers of proper coffee!

There is also our line of special liquids for the most demanding vapers. The ‘Forbidden Fruit’, an actual forbidden fruit of vaping, created due to our continuous search for unique combinations, takes pride of place.

Got your mouth watering? Come to Terpy and buy your favourite liquids now!