50/50 electronic cigarette liquids: what it means and how they are composed

What is 50-50 e-cigarette liquid and its composition

Published on: 02/06/2022

What 50/50 electronic cigarette liquids are, and in what situations they are recommended

If you have just started vaping, you may feel a little disorientated when faced with a new world unfolding before your eyes:

  • So many devices with a thousand different characteristics
  • A virtually infinite number of possibilities for customising your electronic cigarette
  • Even liquids with different compositions

Perhaps you thought that the choice of e-liquid was the most specific aspect. After all, you have to find your favourite flavour, right? Well, you found out you were wrong.

“What are these numbers they write on the packaging of e-cigarette liquids? What does 50/50 even mean?”

If you ask yourself these questions, know that the answer is more straightforward than you think. I explain everything in the following article.

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What is in an e-cigarette liquid?

The composition of e-cigarette liquids is not complex, and they can quickly be produced at home by taking the necessary precautions.

E-liquids contain the following elements:

  • propylene glycol (PG) – is an edible, odourless and colourless compound used in various fields as a food additive and as a solvent. It is also often used in so-called ‘smoke machines’, typical instruments used during concerts to produce vapour. In e-liquids, the role of this substance is to enhance aromas and improve the throat hit of nicotine. It is considered entirely safe for health;
  • vegetable glycerol (VG) – this natural substance is a particularly dense and very viscous compound that is often used as a food additive. In vaping liquids, its function is to increase the amount of vapour produced by electronic cigarettes. It has a sweetish taste and must be dosed very carefully: too much may alter the taste of the e-liquid and make it too ‘cloying’;
  • liquid nicotine – is an optional but essential component for those who have just started vaping to get rid of the harmful effects of cigarettes. It can be dosed very precisely according to the needs of the vaper to satisfy the addiction to this substance;
  • flavouring – this element is also optional. Indeed, some like to vape their homemade liquids without any added flavouring. However, most vapers do not like the taste of the pure base, especially when it has an unbalanced composition favouring VG.

An electronic cigarette liquid is composed of several elements, including liquid nicotine

50/50 electronic cigarette liquids: here is what they are

Having explained what substances are contained in an e-cigarette liquid, we can now move on to the subject of 50/50 e-liquids. These numbers indicate the ratio of VG to PG content.

In other words, a 50/50 liquid contains equal parts vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. This composition is considered ideal for cheek (MTL) devices, i.e. those that most closely reproduce the experience of puffing on a blonde.

MTL e-cigarettes should be used at low wattages, and their coils have relatively small feeding holes, which are unsuitable for viscous liquids with high VG concentrations. Therefore, if you own a cheek device, avoid filling it with e-liquids that have a vegetable glycerol content of more than 50%.

The ideal nicotine concentration in cheek vaping varies depending on the vaper’s needs but usually ranges between 5 and 12 mg per ml.

On the other hand, lung devices (DTL) are designed to produce large amounts of vapour. Their resistors have large feeding holes suitable for viscous, VG-dominated liquids, ideally with 70/30 or 80/20 composition. These electronic cigarettes are a favourite among cloud chasers and can be used at wattages even higher than 100 W.

If you use a DTL device, keep in mind that the nicotine concentration of your liquids does not have to be as high as in MTL e-cigs: I recommend not exceeding 3/4 mg per ml.

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In conclusion

We have explained what substances are contained within an e-cigarette liquid and what a 50/50 e-liquid is. As you have read, these numbers represent the ratio of the amount of VG to the amount of PG, and it is something to bear in mind when choosing the ideal product for your device.

If you own an MTL e-cigarette, go easy on the 50/50 liquids; if your e-cig is a pulmonary one, buy the 70/30 ones instead.

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