Cigarette liquid 70/30: what it means and how it is composed

What is 70/30 e-cig liquid and what is its compositio

Published on: 06/06/2022

What 70/30 electronic cigarette liquid is, and when to prefer it

Vaping is much more than a habit: it is almost a way of life.

Many long-term vapers, among those who by now know all (or almost all) the secrets of the e-cigarette world, choose their liquids as if they were sommeliers grappling with bottles of vintage wine, carefully weighing up all the information on the label: brand, flavour, nicotine concentration and another piece of data represented by two figures separated by a slash.

Perhaps you too have noticed: some products are labelled with the numbers 70/30.

Have you ever wondered what that means? If you are not an experienced vaper, you might not know what it means, but know that it is a piece of information to be considered when choosing which e-cigarette liquid to buy.

In this article, I will explain what 70/30 e-liquids are and in which cases they should be used.

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E-liquid 70/30: What exactly are they?

When you read ’70/30′ on a packet of e-cigarette liquid, it means that the product has a glycerol (or vegetable glycerine) content of 70% and a propylene glycol content of 30%. In other words, those numbers indicate the ratio of these two substances.

You might ask yourself a few questions about these two compounds: ‘what exactly are they? What function do they have?’

I will answer you immediately. Glycerol (VG) is an organic substance derived from vegetable oils such as coconut oil and is used extensively in the cosmetics and food industries. It is often found in moisturising creams, shampoos, and detergents and as a food additive, sometimes as a sugar substitute due to its sweetening properties.

When used as an ingredient in electronic cigarette liquids, it increases the density, body and quantity of vapour produced when vaping.

Propylene glycol (PG) is a viscous but less dense compound than VG. It is also used in the production of cosmetics and as a food additive.

In e-liquids, its role is to increase and improve the perception of the taste of the liquid and the hit on the throat. More propylene glycol means a more intense aroma and a vapour with an impact very close to that of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Liquids 70/30 are to be used with pulmonary devices

When to choose a 70/30 electronic cigarette liquid and which devices to use it with

The choice of a liquid with a specific composition must be made according to the device used and your habits.

Let me explain: if you are a lover of big clouds and you use lung atomisers (DTL) that operate at very high wattages, then 70/30 or even 80/20 liquids are the right choices for you: thanks to these, you can produce large amounts of vapour and enjoy your device to the full. If you choose this alternative, remember to buy e-liquids with an appropriate nicotine concentration: ideally between 2 and 4 mg/ml.

If you prefer to use a cheek e-cig (MTL), on the other hand, you should aim for 50/50 liquids, i.e. with a VG concentration equal to that of PG. In this case, you should buy e-liquids with a higher nicotine concentration than 70/30 liquids. Otherwise, you risk not being satisfied and experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, my advice is to choose a concentration between 6 and 10/12 mg per ml.

I recommend that you never try 70/30 with MTL atomisers! These devices are not suitable for vaping such dense liquids because their resistances cannot absorb them quickly enough. In short, if you were to make this mistake, you would risk burning your coil in no time.

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In conclusion

We have explained what 70/30 liquids are, their characteristics, and which devices they should be used. As you can see, these numbers indicated on the packaging of e-liquids represent the ratio between the contents of the two main ingredients of these products: VG and PG.

A liquid with a high percentage of glycerol is suitable for vaping with powerful pulmonary devices designed to produce large amounts of vapour; to power cheek atomisers, on the other hand, it is necessary to use products with a more balanced composition so as not to risk ruining resistances too quickly.

And what kind of vaper are you? Do you belong to the school of MTL enthusiasts, or do you prefer to enjoy an excellent vape with a lung electronic cigarette?

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