Pre-mixed liquids for electronic cigarettes: where to find them and how much they cost

Where to buy premixed e-cig liquids and costs

Published on: 13/06/2022

Looking for pre-mixed e-liquids? Here’s where you can buy them at a super price

Sometimes the world of vaping likes to complicate consumers’ lives by introducing a flood of words that may be obscure to newcomers: coil, squonk, MTL, mix and vape liquids, etc.

For this reason, many novice vapers may find themselves bewildered when they hear the term ‘pre-mixed liquids’, a widely used term with an extremely more uncomplicated meaning than vaping freshmen might think.

We explain it all in this article.

What are pre-mixed e-cigarette liquids, and where can they be bought?

E-cigarette liquids called ‘pre-mixed’ are nothing more than those sold ready-to-use. However, if you are a vaper, you probably started vaping with them and may still use them if you have not decided to switch to do-it-yourself e-liquids.

The term ‘pre-mixed’ means that the ingredients that make up these products have already been mixed.

Buying these liquids is advantageous in terms of convenience compared to preparing them at home from individual ingredients. Dosing VG, PG, nicotine and flavour precisely, mixing them properly, and letting the product rest for a few days can be avoided by simply buying a pre-mixed liquid.

They are the product par excellence of the vaping world and can be found in any vape shop, both physical and online. Imagining one of these shops without pre-mixed liquids would be like thinking of a newsstand without newspapers!

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Here are the main formats of pre-mixed liquids that can be found on the market

Pre-mixed liquids for electronic cigarettes have different formats and various compositions, but by far the most popular ones are:

  • 50/50 e-liquids in 10 ml bottles – they are the ideal product for cheek vaping (MTL) and represent the foundation on which the success of vaping has been built. Their nicotine content can be as high as 15/18 mg per ml, but nicotine-free ones also exist. They come in all flavours, fruity, creamy and tobacco, but the latter are the most popular, especially suitable for novices who have just given up blondes;
  • 70/30 e-liquids in 60 ml bottles – are produced for use with electronic lung (DTL) cigarettes, devices that consume much larger quantities of liquid than MTL ones. Their high VG content means that they are much denser than 50/50 e-liquids, making them unsuitable for use with resistors designed for cheek vaping. As a rule, they have a relatively low nicotine content of no more than 4/5 mg per ml. The most commonly used flavourings in 70/30 liquids are fruity and creamy. On the other hand, Tobaccos are relatively rare as they are unsuitable for lung vaping.

Person pouring a pre-mixed liquid into his electronic cigarette

Pre-mixed electronic cigarette liquids: how much do they cost?

Do you remember when, long ago, you could buy 10 ml vials of electronic cigarette liquids without spending more than 4/5 euro? Good times, weren’t they?

Unfortunately, their price has risen considerably in recent years due to increasingly heavier vaping taxes. The cheapest products are sold for no less than 6 euros in physical shops. Online it is possible to find a few slightly cheaper offers, but nothing like the prices we experienced in the early days of vaping.

The 60 ml bottles of 70/30 e-cigarette liquids, on the other hand, cost more than 20 euros each in physical shops, while in some online shops, you can find some products for around 19 euros.

Please note: the prices I have indicated are indicative of cheap e-liquids. To buy the most exclusive products of the best brands, you need to spend more than I have stated. Moreover, the price of an e-cigarette liquid can also fluctuate according to its nicotine content: the more nicotine it has, the higher its price.

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In conclusion

We have explained what pre-mixed e-cigarette liquids are, the most popular types, and how much they cost.

If you want the convenience of having ready-to-use e-liquids with you at all times without spending too much, the best choice you can make is to buy them on the web, choosing authorised retailers that offer a guarantee of high-quality products.

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