Guide to electronic cigarette liquids: everything you need to know

Step by step guide to making your own e-cigarette liquids

Published on: 20/06/2022

Practical ‘step by step’ tips for making your homemade e-cigarette liquids

If you are a vaper, you will undoubtedly have noticed the increase in the price of e-cigarette liquids that have occurred in recent years due to the rise in taxation on vaping products – a blow to retailers and consumers alike.

Perhaps to save some money, you have thought about starting to make your e-liquids, but you may have discovered that this is a much more complicated task than you imagined.

Fear not: in this article, I will explain everything you need to know to mix suitable DIY e-cigarette liquids with your own hands.

Table with DIY e-liquid making supplies on it.

What you need before you start

Before I explain to you the procedure you have to follow to create liquids for electronic cigarettes, I will show you all the materials you need to obtain to be able to perform this task accurately and safely:

  • a syringe with a needle without a tip and a wide opening. You will need this to be able to suck in even relatively viscous liquids, such as those containing high concentrations of glycerol, without having to exert excessive force to pull back the plunger;
  • an empty bottle, preferably glass and dark-coloured to protect the liquid you will be mixing from sunlight. If, on the other hand, you choose to use a transparent bottle, be sure to store it in a container that protects it from UV rays;
  • a graduated container with which to dose the propylene glycol and glycerol;
  • a pair of latex or nitrile gloves protect your skin when dispensing liquid nicotine.

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How to dose the ingredients

Well, once you have all the ingredients mentioned in the previous paragraph, you are ready to start mixing your homemade liquid.

The ingredients you will use are as follows.

  • propylene glycol (PG);
  • glycerol (VG);
  • liquid nicotine;
  • concentrated flavouring.

Now you must decide in what proportion to mix the propylene glycol and glycerol. If you want to create a liquid for cheek vaping, I recommend dosing them to obtain a VG/PG ratio of 50/50 or, at most, 40/60. If you will be using the e-liquid with a lung atomiser, on the other hand, the ideal ratio is 70/30 to 80/20.

Please note: You may have heard of full VG liquids, i.e. liquids created from a 100% glycerol base to maximise the amount of vapour produced when vaping. Of course, exhaling real clouds is excellent. Still, I would advise against creating e-liquids with such a composition: their viscosity could cause the heating element to overheat, and you would risk taking a big stick.

Finally, all that remains is to choose the nicotine concentration you want: the ideal one for cheek vaping is between 6 and 12 mg/ml. On the other hand, I recommend keeping it between 2 and 4 mg/ml for lung smoking.

Once you have decided on the ratio of VG to PG and the nicotine concentration, all that remains is to use an ad hoc calculator (several smartphone apps perform this task) to obtain the ‘recipe’ for your e-cigarette liquid.

Person who doses the ingredients to create a liquid.

Ready-to-use recipes

OK, we have reached the highlight: you can finally mix your homemade liquid following the recipe you have obtained using one of the many calculators designed for vapers.

Take the VG and PG and dose them correctly using the graduated bottle. Now close the bottle and shake it for a few minutes to mix the two substances. Then, let the liquid stand for a few tens of minutes.

The next step is the addition of the aroma concentrate. As a rule, this ingredient should be dosed to reach a concentration of 10%, i.e. 1 ml of product for every 10 ml of liquid. Always read the directions on the label or the manufacturer’s website and follow them to the letter. Some flavour manufacturers may suggest different concentrations.

Now all that remains is to add the liquid nicotine. Be careful during this step; always wear gloves to protect your hands. Liquid nicotine at high concentrations can be hazardous when it comes into contact with the skin.

Perfect, your liquid is complete! Shake it for a few minutes, let it rest out of the sunlight for 24/48 hours, and it will be friendly and ready to vape!

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In conclusion

Now you know exactly how to make the do-it-yourself e-cigarette liquid you have always wanted at home. All you have to do is buy all the ingredients and start mixing them right away!

If you want a top result, make sure you buy top-quality products: you should know that bases, liquid nicotine and flavourings are not all the same. If you mistake buying cheap ingredients, you risk getting a very unsatisfactory result.

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