Liquid consumption in the electronic cigarette: when is it excessive?

Excessive liquid consumption in the electronic cigarette

Modified on: 23/08/2022

Do you think you are using too much e-liquid? Here is when consumption is too much

Do you doubt that your electronic cigarette is consuming too much liquid? Do you think you are using too much e-liquid every day?

In this article, we will explain what factors influence the daily consumption of e-cig liquid. There are several, some dependent on your device and others dependent on your habits.

In addition, we will address the issue of “too much consumption”. As you will see, there is no such thing as too much liquid per day in an absolute sense. No one can tell you that you are using too much: you have to assess this according to the situation.

Are you ready? Off you go.

There are several factors that determine electronic cigarette liquid consumption

Here are the characteristics of the electronic cigarette that influence liquid consumption

It is difficult to determine precisely the average consumption level for e-cigarette liquids. This value can vary considerably depending on numerous factors, which depend both on the device used and the habits of the vaper.

Let us start with the characteristics of an electronic cigarette that affect consumption.

The resistor is that part of the device consisting of a metal wire heated when the ‘fire’ button is pressed. Its function is to vaporise the liquid absorbed by the coil cotton. I am not going to bore you with complicated explanations of physics. Suffice it to say that resistors are not all the same: each consumes liquid at a different rate.

Those in pulmonary devices (DTL) are designed to absorb a lot of energy, reach high temperatures and produce large amounts of vapour. For this reason, vapers using DTL e-cigarettes can consume more than 10 to 15 ml of e-liquid per day.

On the other hand, cheek-type (MTL) e-cigs contain much less powerful resistors and produce significantly less vapour than lung e-cigs. As a result, those who vape with these devices usually do not use more than 4 to 5 ml of liquid per day.

Another factor influencing e-liquid consumption is the consistency of the airflow through the atomiser. This can be adjusted in almost all devices due to the presence of a mechanism designed to cover the air holes. A very ‘airy’ draw produces large amounts of vapour but increases liquid consumption.

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How your vaper habits greatly influence e-cigarette liquid consumption

As we mentioned earlier, another factor that affects e-liquid consumption is the vaper’s habits.

Many like to produce huge clouds and configure their device to deliver very high power (some vape at more than 100 watts!). Unfortunately, this choice results in very high liquid consumption and reduced battery life. In short, if you like to produce steam like a locomotive, there is a price to pay!

Liquid consumption is also determined by how a vaper takes puffs. Chain vaping, i.e. the habit of taking one puff after another in an almost compulsive manner, is widespread, especially among those who have recently stopped smoking blondes. Sometimes, the choice to vape in this way is dictated by personal preference. Other times, however, the habit of chain vaping is linked to using a liquid that contains an insufficient nicotine concentration to satisfy the vaper.

If you have a sore throat due to excessive liquid consumption, reduce vaping

Electronic cigarette liquid consumption: when is it too much?

It would help if you decided whether your e-cigarette liquid consumption is too much according to your needs.

If you cannot keep up with the expenditure on vaping products, you may decide to save money by using less e-liquid. Be careful with this choice, though! If you reduce your consumption, the nicotine addiction may make you fall back into the smoking habit, at which point you will find yourself spending even more!

An alternative would be to buy a product with a higher nicotine concentration to satisfy you by consuming less.

Another alarm bell that could indicate excessive consumption is the emergence of symptoms related to airway irritation, such as coughing and sore throat. If you notice these symptoms, try to vape less until they resolve. If they persist for a long time, seek advice from your doctor.

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In conclusion

We have explained what factors influence the consumption of e-cigarette liquid.

It is impossible to define when e-liquid consumption is “too much” in an absolute sense: you have to decide this according to your needs and the situation. Of course, if health problems related to excessive vaping occur, do not neglect them and make sure they are resolved as soon as possible. If necessary, consult your doctor.

To minimise the risk of irritation of the airways, choose only top quality liquids such as those you can find at, Europe’s number 1 vaper shop!