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All about muting and e-liquids | Terpy

Everything you need to know about the vaper tongue Suddenly the taste of your e-liquid for e-cig no longer satisfies you and you are so dissatisfied that you think of going back to smoking a traditional cigarette? Don’t give in to temptation! What is happening to you is muting, a quite common phenomenon among vapers. […]

What is sub ohm vaping | Terpy

Sub ohm vaping: what you need to know (if you are a beginner vapor) If you have decided to open this article, it means that you are also part of that group of curious people who would like to know more about sub ohm vaping, right? Understanding how it works and knowing its advantages and […]

Are nicotine salts bad for you?

Here is what nicotine salts do to the body The use of nicotine salts in vaping has recently increased dramatically, especially in the USA. Although legal in our country, nicotine salts have not yet matched the success seen overseas, and home vapers still prefer liquid nicotine. But what is different between these two products, and […]

The lightest cigarettes for health

Here is the truth about light cigarettes The tobacco market is full of brands and products distinguished by aroma, pressing, freshness, etc. However, the main distinction that is made when labelling cigarettes is that between strong and light. It is a common belief that the latter is less harmful to health. But is this true? […]