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The main information about electronic cigarette nozzle

Do you want to know more about e-cigarette nozzles? Here are the critical advice on choosing one and how much it cost. Knowing more about the characteristics and functions of the tip of an electronic cigarette can be critical for personalising the vaping experience fully. The nozzle is the same component from which the vapour […]

How to use concentrated aroma for electronic cigarette

Do you want to understand how to dilute a concentrated flavour for electronic cigarettes? Here are our tips for creating your mixes. Suppose you have decided to try mixing an e-liquid base with an electronic cigarette flavour concentrate as part of your vaping experience in addition to ready-made vape liquids. In that case, you are […]

Should I switch to electronic cigarette or not?

Do you want to know whether switching to e-cigarettes is worthwhile or not? Here are the answers, considering both the health and economic factors. Doubts about the safety and convenience of electronic cigarettes are the order of the day. Some fear that switching from an analogue cigarette to vaping will increase the damage to their […]

The causes and solutions for the e-cigarette battery not working

Your e-cigarette battery is not working, and you are trying to find out why? Here are six solutions to your doubts. The battery is the beating heart of e-cigarettes. Without it, it would not be possible to activate the whole process of turning e-cigarette liquids into vapour and thus vaping. Like all other components, however, […]

The characteristics of liquids that do not dirty the coils

Here is how to identify electronic cigarette liquids that do not make the coils excessively dirty Have you heard that some vape liquids and flavourings make the coils dirtier than others? That is indeed the case, and knowing which ones do can help you to extend the life of your e-cigarette resistors and thus save […]

Tips for buying the slim electronic cigarette and its advantages

Here are all the tips you’ve been looking for to buy a quality slim e-cigarette Today, there are electronic cigarettes of various sizes and with different characteristics. For example, there are large and powerful ones, medium-sized ones, and then there are pen-type ones, which are the most compact and discreet. Usually, users wishing to buy […]