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The main harmful substances in cigarettes

What substances make cigarette smoke so deadly, and what is the most effective way to overcome tobacco addiction By now, everyone is very familiar with the damage caused by cigarettes: we are constantly reminded of it by the authorities, doctors and even the terrible (but, unfortunately, accurate) pictures that are stamped on cigarette packets. When […]

Electronic cigarette liquid turns dark

What causes e-liquid to darken and how to avoid it Have you ever stored an e-cigarette liquid inside a vial or bottle and noticed a change in its colour after some time? Then, suddenly, it has become much darker than it was initially! Well, you’re not the only one. Plenty of vapers have experienced a […]

It is better to buy liquids for English e-cig

Why e-liquids from the united kingdom are so sought after, and how the british policy towards vaping is revolutionising this sector If you are a vaper, you may have noticed that, in recent years, there seems to have been a growing interest in e-cigarette liquids produced in the UK. Hearing about this curious situation, you […]

Are e-cigarette liquid dyes safe?

Additives to colour e-liquids between myths and health risks The eye wants its share, too. Think of all the times you have eaten an unappetising-looking food: maybe it tasted great, but you couldn’t enjoy it as much as you would have liked, right? Similar situations also occur in the world of vaping. There are some […]

Step by step guide to making your own e-cigarette liquids

Practical ‘step by step’ tips for making your homemade e-cigarette liquids If you are a vaper, you will undoubtedly have noticed the increase in the price of e-cigarette liquids that have occurred in recent years due to the rise in taxation on vaping products – a blow to retailers and consumers alike. Perhaps to save […]

The best apps for your e-cigarette

The best apps to simplify your life as a vaper Smartphone apps are excellent: there are an almost infinite number of them, and thanks to them, life has become a lot easier. You can find suitable ones to help you with any task: find the nearest petrol station, organise a trip by booking flights and […]

Best e-cig liquid brands: the guide

Guide to the best e-cigarette liquid brands A vaper has a choice of so many electronic cigarette liquids that it can sometimes be challenging to know which one is ideal. In addition, countless different flavours, types and brands can confuse anyone. That is why when faced with the question “What type of e-liquid would you […]

Are e-cigarette liquids universal?

Liquids for electronic cigarettes are not all the same, and each one gives its best under particular conditions. Here are some practical tips for use How great to be a vaper! There are thousands of electronic cigarette liquids for all tastes on the market, and vapers have the opportunity to experiment with a myriad of […]

The risks of buying e-liquids from Slovenia

If you are thinking of buying cheap e-liquids from slovenia, stop! They could be contraband and cause damage to your health Giving up blondes for the electronic cigarette means health gains, but sometimes we forget that it is also good for the wallet. The average monthly expenditure of a vaper is significantly lower than that […]