About us – Terpy

In the panorama of electronic platforms that focus on quantity with a huge offer of liquids for electronic cigarettes coming from an indefinite number of different brands, Terpy Shop has instead decided to focus on quality.

The choice of the product is in fact the result of an attentive selection by our professionals, who selected the best liquids for electronic cigarettes to ensure the customer a safe and optimal experience.

Attention to customer expectations and needs it is so the beacon who led Terpy’s choices, which enlarged the offer of flavours to be enjoyed with the e-cig.

Thanks to constant research for new and attractive flavours, in the Terpy’s Shop you could find and buy liquids with fruity, tobacco, and creamy flavours, with or without nicotine.

There is more. To give customers the opportunity to personalize their product and to make it more suitable and faithful to their tastes, and also to allow vapers to experiment, the Company decided to elaborate e new and innovative purchase formula, we can say unique as well.

The vaper who buys in the Terpy Shop could be able to choose neutral solution dosage, aroma, and nicotine independently, in order to create the best liquid for electronic cigarettes, fitting perfectly with his personal needs.

The company will proceed the order and ship it within 24/48 hours, in the most suitable and convenient format.

You can receive a ready liquid, premixed, with all the ingredients and the doses chosen, or, as a second option, a decomposed liquid where the base liquid is sold apart from the aroma. A last option is that of a Mix and Vape solution, for those who want a bigger format rather than the standard size of premixed liquids.

The taste and the sensations given by the electronic cigarette always depends on many factors, all related with the composition of the liquids. This is the reason why the philosophy of the Company is that of building together with the customer the best electronic cigarette liquid.

According to us, only with the fidelity of the customers a company can grow. Terpy learns to know his customers’needs and it is constantly looking for their satisfaction, with the purpose to truly offer the best e-cig liquids.

And not only. For us it is essential that the customer does not feel alone during his purchase on Terpy. We offer always help and support through a customer service that is active from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00, who can be contacted in the following ways:

– email: info@terpy.shop

– Facebook: Terpy Shop.

Thanks to all this Terpy became the Shop n.1 in Europe.