Electronic Cigarette Liquids from Slovenia? The risks of smuggling

The risks of buying e-liquids from Slovenia

Published on: 08/06/2022

If you are thinking of buying cheap e-liquids from slovenia, stop! They could be contraband and cause damage to your health

Giving up blondes for the electronic cigarette means health gains, but sometimes we forget that it is also good for the wallet. The average monthly expenditure of a vaper is significantly lower than that of a smoker.

Saving money is excellent. However, you should not go overboard in searching for the cheapest products and be careful not to take unnecessary risks to save a few quid.

You may have heard of electronic cigarette liquids from Slovenia, known for their low prices, and you may have found this news tempting.

Don’t fall for it: this is a classic case of ‘too good to be true’, and I will explain why in this article. In the end, I will give you an invaluable tip on where to buy excellent quality e-cigarette liquids at a super-convenient price.

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Why Slovenian liquids are so tempting (and dangerous)

Vaper’s interest in e-cigarette liquids from Slovenia has been growing for almost a decade. The main reason for this phenomenon is the low cost of e-liquids sold in this country compared to those available in Italy.

Unfortunately, many vapers are unaware that since 2016 Slovenia has introduced a tax on vape liquids of as much as €1.80 per 10 ml, which is even higher than the tax imposed in our country, which is currently €1.50 per 10 ml.

But then why do so many e-liquids from that country continue to have such a low price? Unfortunately, the cause would appear to be smuggling. In fact, according to a study carried out by Intellegit, a start-up company founded by the University of Trento, electronic cigarette liquids have joined the smuggling of traditional cigarettes from abroad. In particular, it would appear that Udine and Trieste are the major centres of this activity, which is fuelled by-products mainly from Slovenia.

The result of these illegal actions is a heavy loss for the Italian State’s coffers, reaching almost a billion euros. However, this is not the greatest danger: on the other side of the ocean, smuggled liquids have been the cause of dozens of deaths among young people.

Those who use smuggled electronic cigarette liquids risk serious damage to their health

So smuggled liquids have claimed dozens of young lives.

You may recall that in 2019, the United States was hit by a wave of deaths among young vapers. At the time, this affair caused a lot of uproars. Moreover, it sparked debates on the harmfulness of e-cigarettes both in the States and in Europe: fear began to spread about vaping, suspected of being an even worse alternative to blondes.

Investigations by the authorities were then able to identify the real culprit: vitamin E acetate, an oily substance that is often used as an additive in cosmetic products. On the skin, this chemical compound is harmless; if inhaled, however, it is the cause of severe lung diseases that can lead to death, as the incident in the United States has shown.

But then why was vitamin E acetate present in the liquids that those who died were vaping? Unfortunately, it was used as the basis for producing contraband electronic cigarette liquids purchased by the victims from unauthorised retailers, most of which also contained THC.

In short, this tragedy in the US has taught us how dangerous items sold outside official channels and produced without following any quality control standards can be.

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Don’t feed criminal activities and do the right thing for your health: choose only quality liquids.

In the previous paragraphs, I explained the reason for the low cost of e-cigarette liquids from Slovenia. I do not mean to say that these products are always contraband, but to point out that when their price is too cheap, there is a risk that they are illegal. In this case, buying them means lending a hand to the criminals who produce and sell them and running severe health risks.

If you are a vaper, do not put your life at risk to save a few cents: buy your e-cigarette liquids only from the best retailers in the industry, and you can be sure that you are buying only top quality products.

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