Electronic cigarette without nicotine: 3 tips to say stop to addiction

To say goodbye to addiction, use the nicotine-free e-cigarette

Modified on: 23/08/2022

Here are 3 tips to say goodbye to nicotine in vaping liquids

The damage caused by tobacco smoke is now known to everybody and neo-vapers always hope to vape e-cigarette liquid without nicotine.

Respiratory pathologies, problems with the cardiovascular system and cancer are just some examples of the irreparable damage that smoking causes and this should be enough to change your habit on vaping liquids.

Getting out of cigarette addiction is very important to safeguard your health and that of those around you. In this article we want to tell you about the steps to take to start vaping e-cigarette liquids without nicotine.

Let’s go and see how to do it!

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From tobacco to nicotine-free e-cigarettes – get there gradually

There are various remedies on the market to quit smoking, among the most famous we can mention nicotine gums, nicotine patches and liquid nicotine for electronic cigarettes. E cigarette nicotine liquid are the most successful tool currently, as they allow you to emulate traditional cigarette smoke, combining nicotine with it and making possible the gestural and ritual reproduction of tobacco smoke.

The first advice you should follow to be able to fight nicotine addiction is to try to understand how much you take of it with classic cigarettes, in order to initially choose the right vaping liquids to meet your body’s needs.

In the initial stages it is possible that you will find yourself smoking both the electronic cigarette and the classic one, but the important thing is to try to reduce the consumption of combustion cigarettes as much as possible.

After the first few days, you should go down with the nicotine gradation present in the vaping liquid: try to always take yourself to the limit, and little by little choose a liquid that contains less, till you arrive to use liquids without nicotine.

In this way, you will be able to detoxify yourself from nicotine without crisis and without trauma, avoiding the risk of immediately abandoning this remedy, to use again traditional cigarettes with more desire than before (what often happens when using nicotine patches and gums).

By proceeding step by step, you will be able to make great progress without the typical stress when you stop smoking, and you will use the nicotine-free e-cigarette, detoxifying yourself completely.

Gradually switch from tobacco to nicotine-free e-cigarettes

Tobacco, fruity or bakery liquids: here’s how to choose them to stop smoking easily

The taste of liquids for electronic cigarettes, if chosen wisely, can be a valuable aid when trying to quit smoking.

In general, but especially for heavy smokers, we initially recommend buying tobacco liquids: the taste of tobacco, which recalls the taste of a traditional cigarette, will make the transition to an electronic device less traumatic.

For example, in the Terpy online shop you can find “Tobacco Classic”, one of the most popular flavours that recalls the intense and decisive taste of the typical “red” cigarette, or if you are used to smoking “light” cigarettes you will certainly find yourself better with the “Tobacco Gold” flavour, more delicate and aromatic.

Based on your current tastes, you will be able to find the liquid able to recreate the sensation you experience while smoking a classic cigarette, choosing from different proposals.

You can choose to use the tobacco taste both in the initial phase and at the end, when you will smoke the electronic cigarette without nicotine. Or in the later stages, you can indulge yourself by vaping even bakery e liquid or fruity e liquid, depending on your favorite flavours.

It is important to choose the right liquid also based on the flavour, because it is essential that the nicotine detoxification phase is as pleasant as possible.

So, freedom to your imagination: so, start detoxing yourself from nicotine with the e liquid flavours you prefer, good to taste and pleasant to feel!

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Choose the right electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are not all the same: they differ in shape, strength and many other characteristics.

Choosing the right electronic cigarette when starting to quit smoking is very important for various reasons.

For example:

  • if you use a low-powered cigarette, you may suffer for the little quantity of smoke/ vapor emitted by the device, quickly discouraging you and returning to the classic combustion cigarette
  • a very powerful cigarette, on the other hand, may at first be difficult to use, causing you to cough and sore throat.
  • So the ideal is to identify a medium power device, and then possibly increase it later.

In addition to the talk of the power of the cigarette, which affects whether the vape is more or less intense, you should also pay attention to the electronic cigarette form with which you feel most comfortable.

In order not to suffer too much from the transition from the classic cigarette to the e-cigarette, we recommend that you initially opt for a compact model, easy to hold between the two fingers that you usually use for smoking.

The electronic cigarette chosen must be the right one

Repeating the usual gestures, in addition to the factors we talked about in the two previous tips, will make the whole nicotine detox process less traumatic.

Also pay close attention to the battery life, inu fact, especially if you are a heavy smoker, it is important that the electronic cigarette lasts a long time even if you are away from home. This will prevent you from falling into the temptation to smoke a classic cigarette.

If you follow these three tips, quitting smoking will be simple, stress-free and fun.

To make the experience even better, explore the Terpy website to choose between premium e liquid, tobacco e liquid, or even bakery ones, and start vaping in favor of your health with taste and pleasure!