Liquid electronic cigarette with THC: why everyone talks about it and how things actually stand?

Liquid electronic cigarette with THC

Modified on: 23/08/2022

What is THC e cigarette liquid and why is it illegal?

Both smokers and non-smokers could not remain unaware of one of the most popular novelties of recent years: the electronic cigarette. Thanks to its wide diffusion, many consumers have started to wonder even if there was a e cigarette liquid with THC.

Capable of attracting the attention and general consensus of consumers in a short time, the e-cigarette and its sale have grown visibily, although with a very short life history and a low use of advertising compared to its natural opposite (the classic cigarette).

For many nicotine users the e-cigarette it is completely irreplaceable and maybe it will be for the cannabis customers. Composed of an inhaler, an atomizer that serves to scale the e liquid inside and a battery for the atomizer, the electronic cigarette is a very versatile gadget.

It is easy to carry around with you and never risks being easily lost. Entered into the life and daily habits of many people in a very short time, it has ended up somehow becoming an object of personal worship for some of his consumers.

Some people have come to want a customized version, designed only for themselves. Actually now it is not complicated to find online retailers that market electronic cigarettes unique in style, with always the same capacity, but a peculiar packaging.

The spread of this tool meant that many began to wonder if it was possible to use it for other uses. In this guide we try to understand if THC-based liquids exist, since many consumers request them on the market.

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What are THC e liquids?

e liquid with illegal THC

THC (also known as delta 9) can be extracted from cannabis flowers, has several effects, including positive effects, which act on appetite or mood. But it is, at the same time, a psychotropic substance, therefore capable of artificially altering mental activity and this is why it is prohibited in many countries of the world.

THC can be smoked or ingested, but its composition makes solution in water very difficult. Those who think of using the electronic cigarette to take this substance can have many practical problems.

There is no recognized method or official recipe for this blend which remains absolutely illegal. Anyone who wants to find something, must work privately, reading fictitious solutions on the net.

In short, the reasons for advising against this choice are manifold. THC is illegal and recognized as a health hazard, if then those who extract this molecule do not have any preparation or equipment necessary to do it, the risk increases dramatically.

The e-cigarette smokers can be interested in use of THC for its effect, but also adding a quantity of CBD to their e cigarette liquid.

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Cannabidiol or CBD, what is it?

cbd vape

We know that inside cannabis it is possible to find a very high number of molecules and two of them have always attracted general attention and are continually linked to this plant; one is THC, the delta-9 that has already been widely discussed before, the other one is CBD, cannabidiol.

Although they come from the same source, these two molecules are totally different from each other and the impact and functions they have on man’s condition are different. Unlike THC, Cannabidiol is unanimously recognized by the scientific community as positive for health and is totally legal.

For some time, in fact, it has been used for the formation and production of part or all of drugs. CBD oil is quite famous and it’s an essential component for those suffering from certain disabling disorders, which require specific and progressive treatments.

CBD is sedative, antiemetic and anti-inflammatory. It can be used if you suffer from chronic pain, due to some degenerative disease, or if you have a pathology that generates a continuous and permanent physical discomfort.

Not least is its use for pathologies due to an alteration of the natural condition of the psyche. Having sedative properties inside, it can be used to counteract high anxiety and stress.

Not being psychotropic, it does not affect the brain’s functioning in any negative way. It has no specific contraindication and cannot cause any dependence on its consumers.