Ready-to-use E-cigarette liquids: 5 indisputable advantages

Ready to use e cigarette liquids

Modified on: 16/05/2022

Here are the main advantages of ready-to-use electronic cigarette liquids

Understanding how to choose between e liquid and terpenes when you are a beginner may seem complicated and it is quite common to feel disoriented. But what are these liquids that you’ve heard so much about?

The e cig liquid is the fundamental ingredient of an electronic cigarette and are necessary to make the vaping experience truly satisfying. The right liquid will mimic the sensation of smoking a classic tobacco-based cigarette.

Vaping experts know that nothing is more important than choosing a good e cigarette flavours: there are many brands on the market with different concentrations of nicotine and a variety of aromas. The latter represents the real flavour of the vaping.

 flavour of e liquid vaporization

Many smokers who decide to leave the traditional cigarette to switch to the electronic one rarely want to give nicotine up. Actually nicotine generates addiction and detoxification is neither simple nor immediate, but with an e-cig it’s possible to choose the concentration of liquid nicotine present in the liquid, and to slowly scale it down until it is eliminated.

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Ready e liquids: this is what they contain

Now we are going to see what the liquid for electronic cigarettes contains, covering each of the components so we have more information before purchasing. There are 5 ingredients:

  1. glycerol or vegetable glycerin (VG);
  2. propylene glycol (PG);
  3. demineralized water;
  4. e liquid concentrates;
  5. liquid nicotine (optional).

The first two on the list are needed for smoke/steam production. Both are also used as food additives for long-life products, and as such are not harmful to our body. Glycerin is the most dense and viscous substance and is the one that gives body to the vapour, while propylene glycol is more fluid and produces the aromas found in the e-cig vapour.

The water within the liquid of electronic cigarettes is purified water, so contains no mineral salts and no heavy metals. It is used in small quantities in order to keep the temperature constant and to prevent the liquid from becoming excessively viscous so that it cannot be vaporized.

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Ready e cig liquids or “do-it-yourself” liquids: the 5 indisputable advantages of ready liquids

e liquid benefits

Firstly, there is a very precise relationship between the substances present in ready mixes. The percentages of the individual ingredients must be exact to have a good scent and ensure the right level of smoke production.

A balanced mixture is made up of 50% propylene glycol, 40% vegetable glycerin and 10% water. By eliminating the water and increasing the percentage of glycerin, a much denser smoke is obtained due to the higher viscosity of the e cigarette liquid. On the contrary, decreasing the concentration of glycerin and increasing the concentration of propylene glycol, the chosen aroma becomes more noticeable.

It is clear that a lot of experience is required to make the liquids of electronic cigarettes: knowing the composition levels of the different substances is essential to obtain a good product without taking risks. Balancing the aromas is more complicated than it seems and some are very difficult to reproduce, for example the bakery flavour.

Furthermore, to create a mixture requires the right equipment.

There are also advantages in producing liquids on their own, and one aspect not to be overlooked is savings. When made in large quantities, a homemade liquid will cost less than ready liquids.

Of course, the time required for the preparation of a liquid varies and can be very long: it can take from 5 to 60 days. E-cig preparations have the advantage of being ready for use.

Below, we will try to outline the 5 advantages that ready liquids have compared to “do it yourself” liquids, and the reason for preferring the former to the latter:

  1. Ready liquids are immediately suitable for use, while self-produced liquids must be created using a vape base + aroma;
  2. Home made liquids require long maturation (from a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 60), while ready-made liquids can also be purchased in stock and are always available;
  3. The aroma is more prominent in the already packaged blends. However in self-production the intensity of the aroma is lost;
  4. The ready-made liquids present a balance of precise composition, they are suitable for every need (for example cheek shot or lung shot) and not easy to reproduce at home;
  5. No special equipment is needed as is necessary for “do it yourself” liquid (for example a graduated cylinder, syringes of different sizes, droppers and so on).

Finally, it is also key to remember that companies producing liquids for electronic cigarettes must submit to a series of regulations, in order to offer compliant and certified products for sale. When purchasing an e-liquid bottle, you must therefore check that the CE mark is shown on the label.