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Nicotine Shot | 10 ml

For those who want to switch to vape without giving up the feelings of the traditional cigarette, the nicotine shot can help you in this transition phase. This is sold separately from the neutral base and from the various concentrated flavours, in the decomposed liquid format, for a customization of your own liquid for electronic cigarettes and a vaping that is the result of your imagination!

In addition, you can always count on the quality of Terpy, which follows the processing of raw materials in order to ensure that the ingredients are absolutely safe and the product lives up to our strict standards in the field of e-cig liquids.

This concentrate cannot be inserted directly in the atomizer as it is in the Terpy shop, as in the case of ready-made liquids, but it must necessarily be diluted in a neutral base, consisting of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol in the different proportions proposed in our online shop .

By purchasing the Terpy nicotine shot, you have the possibility to independently choose the quantity to insert in the neutral bases for electronic cigarettes and it has proved to be an excellent aid to gradually reduce the need to take this substance, sometimes even eliminating it completely in the vape. For this purpose, you will find nicotine shots with different concentrations and formats, to make the nicotine calculation even easier.

Finally, as indicated on the vial, you must know that nicotine is a highly dangerous substance if ingested, so you must be careful managing it, which for the same reason can only be purchased by an adult public.

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15 reviews for Nicotine shots

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