The importance of resistance in the electronic cigarette

The importance of the resistance of the electronic cigarette

Modified on: 13/05/2022

Here’s what is the function of resistance within the vaporization and how to take care of it

The resistance of the electronic cigarette is an essential component of vaping, because thanks to its heating the vaping liquids are vaporized.

In order for the mechanism to work with no problems and vaporize e cigarette liquid in the best possible way, it is necessary to choose the right resistance and learn how to practice the correct maintenance to avoid malfunctions.

This explains why “e-cigarette resistance” is one of the most researched by e-cigarettes lovers.

In this article we want to talk to you about the importance of resistance in the electronic cigarette, also providing you with some advice on choice and on maintenance.

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Electronic cigarette resistance: what it is and why it affects the e-cigarette choice

The personal vaporizer (e-cig) is an electronic device capable of vaporizing the vaping liquids, without using the harmful combustion process.

The vaporization of these e-cigarette liquids occurs thanks to the function of a tool: the resistance.

It is a spiral metallic filament, which overheats thanks to the battery current and vaporizes the e-liquid thanks to an absorbent material, usually organic cotton.

The structure of the resistance for electronic cigarettes is not universal, but each model of e-cigarette is equipped with a particular resistance, so it is difficult to give precise indications on its shape.

As you can see, this is a fundamental component for the functioning of the electronic cigarette and its failure or defect are immediately recognizable by the taste of the emitted vapor.

Being a very important component of the electronic cigarette atomizer, the resistance (also called coil) generally affects the choice of the model of the cigarette. In fact, according to the type of resistance, the e-cigarette will be able to produce more or less vapor.

The unit of measurement of resistance is the Ohm and affects as follows:

  • the higher the Ohms of the resistance, the less electricity it will be able to transmit;
  • the lower the resistance, the more energy it will transmit.

This means that:

  • an electronic cigarette with a lower resistance will produce a large amount of vapor, hotter and with an intense taste, consuming more electricity;
  • while an e-cigarette with a higher resistance will produce less vapor, which will also have a lower temperature and a lighter flavor, but will consume less battery power.

Therefore, the choice, based on these criteria, depends on your tastes.

What is the resistance of the e-cigarette and why does it influence the choice of the same?

Wear of the resistance of the electronic cigarette

The coil or resistance of each electronic cigarette, due to its function, is the most subject to wear and must be replaced more frequently.

Many people wonder if there is a way to make the resistance of an electronic cigarette last longer, but the factors that can affect its duration can be many. Here are a few:

  • frequency of use of the cigarette;
  • the type of e-cigarette;
  • correct or incorrect maintenance;
  • the type of liquid used.

In any case, knowing when to replace it is very simple.

If you should notice a less intense vaporization, or a burnt taste during the vape, obviously the life of the coil of your electronic cigarette has come to an end.

You may also perceive a lower intensity of the e liquid flavours during the vape, this means you have to organize yourself for the purchase of a new coil.

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Replacing the resistance in the e-cigarette

Therefore, a worn and malfunctioning resistance significantly affects the experience of using an electronic cigarette.

If you have found that your e-cigarette is no longer performing as it was in the beginning, it is time to replace it. Can you do it yourself?

Of course, the mechanism is very simple:

  • turn off the electronic cigarette;
  • unscrew the atomizer (paying attention if there is still liquid inside the tank);
  • remove the worn coil (it has a thread, so just unscrew it by hand);
  • screw in the new resistance and put everything back together (but first check that the seals are intact).

As you can see, the procedure is quite intuitive and fast, but it is very important to do it to ensure the correct functioning of the electronic cigarette.

The replacement of the resistance in the electronic cigarette

If you are wondering where to buy replacement resistors for your e-cigarette, you need to know that finding them is very easy. Just go to a specialized shop, otherwise you can search for the model compatible with your electronic cigarette directly online, in any case the price of a replacement coil should be around 5 euros.

Now that you know all about the resistance of the electronic cigarette, you will certainly be more careful to take care of it.

In addition to having an always performing coil on your e-cig, we also recommend that you use good quality vaping liquids, such as those you find on Terpy.

Choose today from the many available tastes, such as fruity e liquid, premium e liquid or classic tobacco e liquid.

The choice is yours for a safe and quality vape!