Is the e-cigarette liquid bad? Let’s take stock

Is the e-cigarette liquid bad?

Modified on: 29/05/2024

Is there any health damage caused by nicotine and nicotine-free e-cigarette fluids?

In recent years, many smokers have switched from the use of the classic cigarette (or cigar or other) to the vaporization of e liquid for electronic cigarette.

The most attractive, is that you can still have the possibility of smoking, but limiting, or eliminating, the negative aspects of normal smoking, such as tar and various toxic gases that exist in classic cigarettes.

At the moment, there exists no concrete and scientific evidence, regarding the ability of electronic cigarettes, in limiting the habits of smoking especially for nicotine addicts.

Even though many people began to use electronic cigarettes to help reduce or stop their nicotine addiction, but until the moment there is no concrete scientific studies or evidence that supports the efficiency of electronic cigarettes in doing so. .

Let’s take a look and analyze in details the issue of electronic cigarette.

What is the electronic cigarette?

e cigarette liquid effect

It’s a manual device, capable of creating a vapor inhalation system, often flavored, through which smokers can consume a controlled quantity of nicotine, that reaches the respiratory system, without inflicting smokers by the harmful effects as normal tobacco combustion.

In general, the amount of liquid nicotine inside the cigarette is questionable according to taste. On average, electronic cigarettes are designed to contain a percentage between 6 and 24 mg, to which must be added a mixture composed of water, glycerol, propylene glycol and other substances that produces the smoky effect, without burning tobacco, which is called “vape”.

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What are the effects of electronic cigarettes on health?

e cigarette liquid health effects

There are many studies concerning this modern mass phenomenon, each one with its own field of action and its own results.

The fact that in a short time many people have started to vape, has made it necessary for hundreds of scientists and doctors, to collect more information about the main elements to allow vaporization and to understand once and for all whether or not they are harmful to the health of the consumer.

Propylene glycol has been known for some time and it is usually used in cinema, and it’s considered safe. But its prolonged use, especially if inhaled directly, seems to create various ailments in the respiratory system as cough, irritation and similar problems.

However, the greatest attention falls on the contents of the flavoring agents, which are in rather considerable quantities and in continuous growth, each with a rather varied biochemistry and therefore cannot be analyzed in a safe way for each individual case. Only by analyzing them one by one, you can understand the possible danger to the health of the consumer. This does not allow for a final judgment that can be shared by all the parties involved.

The cases of intoxication are not lacking in any case, the data are clear. There are several people who have found themselves intoxicated due to accidental contact with the nicotine-based e liquid inside the cartridges.

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So, are electronic cigarettes dangerous or not?

The absence of a general negative feedback from the scientific community on the components of the cigarette and the open and broad consensus towards it once compared with classic cigarettes, leads us to conclude that these are not entirely harmless, but they are certainly less dangerous.

First it seems that one of the most hateful negative effects which is passive smoking, is totally unmentioned in that scientific version. Next, according to a study published in 2017 by the British journal Annals of Internal Medicine, it appears that those who use the electronic cigarette, recorded benefits and improvements at the organism level, after only six months of using it. This significantly reduced the percentages of carcinogens present.

Although the certainty of the total harmlessness of electronic cigarettes is not available yet, as well as it is not fully recognized what are the possible damages in the long run that can be generated by the substances used in electronic cigarettes, the benefits of electronic cigarettes still appear more safe. In the simple choice between two evils, the electronic one appears easily as the far smaller one.

In conclusion, regular users of nicotine can consider the opportunity of consuming limited quantities during the week, as well as trying to decrease these quantities until they completely quit, or even at least eliminate the damage caused from nicotine combustion