How much does an electronic cigarette and vape without nicotine cost?

The cost of an electronic cigarette without nicotine

Published on: 22/04/2022

Nicotine-free electronic cigarette: good for your health and your wallet

There are many reasons smokers choose to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic ones. Some do it to follow the moment’s fashion, some because of the bad smell generated by combustion that sticks to clothes and hair, and others avoid constantly having bad breath.

The main reason is the significant savings made by using it as a replacement for traditional cigarettes. Although one of the reasons is the aspect of physical well-being, as it has long been established that smoking an electronic cigarette, especially one without nicotine, is less harmful than analogue cigarettes, what makes people buy and use it is, without a doubt, the cost.

Expenditure for electronic cigarette without nicotine

What is the initial cost of buying an electronic cigarette?

Investing in an electronic cigarette is the first step for smokers to change their habits. This initial outlay might not be low for some people, but if you think that the basic kit will last much longer than a packet of cigarettes, it shows how much it is worth.

There are many different types of electronic cigarettes, each with various features and, consequently, different prices, so that everyone can have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits their needs and requirements. Generally speaking, however, the price of a basic kit (i.e. an electronic cigarette that has already been assembled), which includes a battery, a recharging cable and an atomizer, ranges from €20 to €40.

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What are the subsequent costs?

Once you have established the cost of buying an electronic cigarette, it is essential to understand what you will have to pay periodically for its use. To smoke this type of cigarette, you need the appropriate liquid to be inserted into the device, which has a cost.

However, the cost varies greatly and depends on several factors. These include the type of vaping liquid, the brand and where it is purchased. The decisive factor is choosing between a ready-made liquid and the components needed to create DIY liquids. Although the latter option is the cheaper of the two, it is only recommended for those experienced in this field.

However, if one were to estimate the cost of a 10 ml bottle of liquid, it would be around €5. Therefore, by creating your own vaping liquid at home, the cost can be considerably reduced, especially by mixing nicotine-free e-liquids.

Is it really worth using an electronic cigarette?

If we are talking about your health and physical well-being, the answer is yes. Several studies, carried out by top doctors and professionals, have shown that smoking an electronic cigarette is less harmful than smoking a packet of cigarettes, especially if you choose a nicotine-free liquid.

It produces vapour and is not based on the combustion principle of regular cigarettes. An advantage for yourself and those around you who will not fall victim to the passive smoke of ‘blondes’. In addition, the concentration of liquid nicotine is much lower, if not zero, than that of a regular cigarette. It is a particular way of helping users gradually reduce their consumption.

The benefits of using an electronic device as a replacement for traditional cigarettes are not limited to health. Your wallet can also benefit from this choice. A few calculations demonstrate this.

The average daily consumption of liquid is around 4ml of product, which, in principle, corresponds to a packet of cigarettes. Therefore, the cost of the liquid consumed will be lower than that of buying traditional cigarettes. Smoking an electronic cigarette thus proves to be an advantage in every sense.

From the point of view of savings, it has been found that the average smoker can literally halve their expenses in this way. Let’s consider, in fact, an initial investment of about €50 and a total annual expenditure, including liquid and spare parts, of about €600. We can see the difference in sums between smoking this type of cigarette compared to normal ones, which cost about €1,800 per year.

We want to remind you that, as mentioned above, it is possible to save even more by preparing DIY liquids without nicotine. The cost of nicotine is the element that has the most significant impact on the expense of mixing e-liquids at home.

Spending by experienced vaper

Experienced smokers: what changes

Although most people use e-cigarettes to save money that they can invest in other ways, many do so for their health, using them to reduce nicotine consumption and achieve their goal of quitting smoking. People who, for various reasons, want to get rid of something may be feeling enslaved, year after year, to an ever-increasing expense or having to depend on a substance (nicotine) that is known to be highly harmful to the body.

There is also another category of people who smoke electronic cigarettes: the veterans and the experts. Sometimes, it can become a hobby, a pastime to cultivate and devote oneself to. In these cases, the costs that have been mentioned so far are overturned and become much higher.

Since the electronic cigarette is more than a necessity, it is an authentic lifestyle. The expert will always want to try a different model even after a short time from the purchase of the previous one or even the last ones released on the market, having, therefore, the tendency to invest, compared to others, much more money in this kind of products. Some types of electronic cigarettes can be costly.

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Electronic cigarette: the new age of smoking

Whatever your reason for starting to smoke an electronic cigarette as a replacement for your regular cigarette, it is essential to understand which model will suit your needs and requirements once you know how much it will cost.

There are many different models on the market, each with its characteristics and performance features. Therefore, making an informed purchase is essential in cases like this.

An electronic cigarette is an object that people tend to carry with them all the time and find the one that has the most valuable features such as practicality, good performance and, why not, a certain aesthetic beauty, especially for those who are not familiar with it and are approaching this world for the first time, may not be so easy.

Therefore, relying on professionals in the sector is the best choice you can make to avoid making a mistake and then risk regretting your purchase. If you are interested in buying an electronic cigarette, enter, the number 1 shop for vapers. Then, you will be able to find the ideal device for you!