Best electronic cigarette online shop: here’s where to shop

What is the best online shop for e-cigs?

Published on: 18/04/2022

Why it is important to buy an electronic cigarette in a reliable shop, and which one to choose among the many on the web

The vaping industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and many companies are selling all kinds of products for vapers.

Such a wide choice is good for consumers, but at the same time, it can be confusing. For example, who to trust among all these shops?

The choice of shop to buy everything you need for vaping is much more important than you might think. Unfortunately, some shops sell low-quality products in order to save money, which, although they may tempt those in search of savings, could also cause numerous problems and even compromise the health of those who use them.

That’s why it’s essential to choose your retailer carefully to minimise the risks of vaping with inferior products.

This article explains the risks of trying to save money by buying cheap, unchecked electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. We will then explain the best online shop for electronic cigarettes to ensure you always get the best quality.

The risks of the poor electronic cigarette

Here are the risks of buying cheap vaping products

If you buy vaping products, you have to be careful about what you buy so that you don’t run risks, sometimes severe ones. When these items are packaged without attention to quality, the consequences can be very unpleasant.

A cheap electronic cigarette battery, for example, could malfunction and become damaged, irreparably ruining the device in which it has been inserted or, worse still, exploding and causing injury to the owner. This can happen on sweltering days when batteries are left in the charger for too long or for no particular reason.

Such accidents are pretty rare because modern batteries have safety circuits that limit the risk of such incidents. However, inexpensive devices manufactured without quality can often lead to such accidents.

The quality of the atomiser is also essential. When this component is poorly manufactured, the rising vapour during vaping can cause the emission of glowing liquid, which can burn the tongue.

Finally, it is essential to use only vaping liquids manufactured to high-quality standards. In addition, it is necessary that these items are clearly labelled to show what substances they contain and that they carry the CE certification mark. Otherwise, they may have been produced by mixing harmful substances that can compromise the health of the user’s lungs, as happened in the United States a few years ago, where several people died due to non-standard e-liquids.

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The US case: how substandard e-liquids killed several people

In 2019, several deaths in the US related to e-cigarette use alarmed the world.

There have been eighteen confirmed vaping-related deaths in California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota and Oregon, and more than a thousand cases of lung problems have been reported.

The US federal government’s CDC (Center for Disease Control) said that about 80 per cent of people used liquids with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in most cases. However, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), most of these, which are investigating with the CDC, also contain a very harmful substance called vitamin E acetate. It also seems that some of those who have complained of health problems may have bought their e-cigarettes and e-liquids on the street.

It should be borne in mind that the disaster in the USA was not caused by vaping devices manufactured according to current regulations. When e-cigarettes are manufactured to safety standards and used with liquids packed with controlled substances, vaping would appear less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes.

According to Public Health England (PHE), now known as the UK Health Security Agency, the UK’s top health watchdog. The PHE has stated that e-cigarettes are 95 per cent safer than traditional cigarettes, and UK scientists and campaigners are touting e-cigs as an excellent way to quit smoking.

In short, the way to ensure that vaping remains a safer alternative to traditional smoking is to control the production of vaping products by ensuring that they meet safety and hygiene standards. Unfortunately, the absence of such regulations has led to these tragedies in the US.

On the other hand, in the European Union, such incidents have never occurred, thanks to legislation prohibiting the sale of poor quality and potentially harmful products.

The best online shop for vaping

Which is the best online shop for vaping?

Which electronic cigarette online shops to trust to avoid running dangerous risks?
In Italy, there are laws regulating the production and sale of all vaping products: electronic cigarettes, ready-to-drink liquids, flavourings, bases with nicotine, etc. Thanks to these laws, every vape can use them without worrying about the risks. Thanks to these laws, every vape can buy safe and controlled products and avoid the consequences of using substandard devices.

Of course, there are differences between the various retailers in the sector, and to have the best quality and safety, it is advisable to choose the best ones. Several serious and reliable ones, but the gold medal goes to Terpy, a leading company in vaping products.

In the Terpy shop, you can buy electronic cigarettes for all tastes, from pod mods to classic cheek and lung vaping devices. There are also plenty of ready-made liquids for tobacco, fruit, cream, etc. For the more experienced, there are also neutral bases to which you can add your favourite flavouring and nicotine to create your own favourite liquids at home.

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In conclusion

We have explained the risks of buying low-quality vaping products.

Some scientists have recognised the electronic cigarette as an excellent way to stop smoking and thus reduce the health damage caused by tobacco. However, to achieve this significant result, you need to be careful about which products you buy and only go to certified, serious and reliable retailers who follow the regulations in force.

If you are looking for the best online shop where you can safely buy everything you need to vape in peace, enter, the number 1 shop in the UK!