Refilling an electronic cigarette: what it is and how to do it best

What is an electronic cigarette and how best to refill it

Published on: 25/04/2022

Is this the first time you refill your e-cig? Here’s how best to do it

Great. You have decided to buy your first e-cigarette, and if you purchased it in a physical shop, the salesperson was probably kind enough to fill it up with liquid and give it ready to use.

You are enjoying the first hours or days of relaxed vaping, and everything seems to be going well when you realise that the device’s tank is almost empty! You know that you will have to refill it with e-cigarette liquid, but perhaps you didn’t pay much attention to the salesperson showing you how to refill. Or you have been paying attention to the procedure but can’t quite remember how to do it.

If you are struggling with this problem, you will find all the information you need to refill your electronic cigarette in the best possible way in the following article.

Refill e-cig with liquid

Refill: what it is, when to do it and what steps to take

Refilling’ simply means filling the tank of the e-cigarette with the appropriate vaping liquid.

When the e-liquid starts to run out, the cotton around the heating element struggles to stay moist enough to avoid what is known as ‘coughing’.

I hope you never experience this unpleasantness: a cue is the inhalation of vapour from an electronic cigarette in which the cotton is burning because it has not absorbed enough liquid. If such a thing ever happens to you, you will immediately notice it by the terrible taste in your mouth and the burning sensation in your throat.

If you get a stick, you should stop vaping immediately and change the resistance (in cartridge devices) or replace the cotton (in regenerative devices).

To avoid this unpleasant experience, try to refill the tank when it is not empty.

To know how to refill your electronic cigarette with vape liquid, you must first check what kind of device you are using: pod mod, top refill atomiser or bottom refill atomiser.

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Refill pod mod

Pod mods are electronic cigarettes that consist of a battery on which a cartridge is attached, i.e. a small disposable tank with an integrated resistance. This component is connected to the rest of the device with a screw system or a magnet. When you realise that the liquid in the cartridge has run out, you have to buy a new one and replace the old one.

Here are the steps to refill pod mod electronic cigarettes:

  • Unscrew the used cartridge from the battery, or pull it out if it is connected with a magnet;
  • Mount the new cartridge on top of the device, ensuring that it is firmly attached.
    Once this procedure is complete, your electronic cigarette is ready to use.

Top loading

Refill from above

Devices with an atomiser consist of a rather large tank, a resistor head or a regenerative one and a box mod, i.e. the control unit of the electronic cigarette, into which one or more rechargeable batteries are inserted.

As a rule, these e-cigs can be filled with liquid from the top through a filling hole in the upper surface of the tank. This opening can be covered by a plastic cap or a screw-on or sliding cover on which the drip tip is inserted. Before inserting the e-cigarette liquid, it is advisable to close the air inlet holes to avoid annoying leaks.

To make this operation easier, I will show you step by step everything you need to do to fill the tank of an e-cig with a top refill:

  • close the air holes;
  • open the refill hole on the top of the atomiser. You may need to remove a small silicone cap or unscrew or slide the tank lid to the side. Now insert the tip of the liquid bottle into the opening;
  • Gently press the bottle down to release the liquid, taking care not to overflow the tank;
  • after filling the tank to the desired level, close the refill opening, turn the atomiser upside down and open the air holes again;
  • return the device to its position, tank upwards, and enjoy the vape!

Refill from the bottom

Some atomiser models have a bottom refill system. This type of refill is quite rare and is now obsolete. However, you might find yourself dealing with such a model, so I would like to explain how to refill bottom refill atomisers.

The procedure for filling these liquid tanks is slightly more complicated than top refilling. However, there is no risk of leakage from the air holes.

Here is a summary of what you need to do to fill an electronic cigarette with a bottom refill:

  • switch off the e-cigarette, disconnect the atomiser from the box mod and turn it upside down;
  • remove the bottom of the tank. On most models, you can do this by simply unscrewing it;
  • fill the tank to the desired level;
  • close the atomiser by replacing the bottom;
  • plug it back into the box mod and switch the device on again.

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In conclusion

We have explained how to refill your electronic cigarette without leaks and other annoying inconveniences, such as corks.

Remember to fill the tank before you have used up all the liquid in it. I assure you that the foul taste of burnt cotton is genuinely awful, and I hope you never have to experience it yourself.

After reading this article, you will surely be ready to enjoy vaping to the full potential using your favourite e-cigarette liquids. And, if you’re looking for some excellent quality ready-made e-liquids or the ingredients you need to mix your own at home with the flavour concentrates you like, take a look at our online shop, Terpy! Our website offers a wide selection of the best products on the market.

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