MTL or DTL Vaping? Here are the differences

MTL or DTL Vaping? Here are the differences

Modified on: 13/05/2022

This is what mtl (mouth to lung) or dtl (direct to lung) vape means and how to do it

Many people like you who are entering the world of e cigarette and vaping e liquid for the first time wonder what MTL or DTL means. This is a very common dilemma, as these two terminologies are mentioned in any article about vaping.

First of all, you must know that the two terms refer to different modes of vaping among which the vaper can choose according to his tastes.

The problem arises for neophytes, who do not have a physical experience of e-cig and of e cigarette liquid and must rely on the advice of a vaping friend or search for information on the internet to start understanding something.

If this is your case, then you have clicked on the right blog: in this article we will explain what mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping means, what are the differences between both and how you can understand which is more suitable for you. Let’s go and see it together!

MTL or DTL Vaping?

Here are the characteristics of the MTL vape

The mouth-to-lung is undoubtedly the best way for a smoker to switch to vaping since this type of experience is the one that most remembers the classic cigarette. In addition, the use of e cig liquid with nicotine can provide you with further help to avoid relapsing to tobacco during this step.

MTL (mouth to lung) is characterized by the following aspects:

  • Contrasted shot (very tight, like that of the classic cigarette)
  • Two-stage inhalation:
    • First in the mouth
    • Later in the lungs
  • Low wattages
  • Less consumption of battery and vaping liquids
  • Low steam production

To use MTL vape variant, you need a MTL atomizer, since this category of hardware is characterized by small air holes, capable of making the shot very tight, and by longer and thinner drip tips (mouthpiece). Among the best MTL atomizers to start vaping you can try Aspire’s Nautilus 2S or Innokin’s Zenit.

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Here’s what direct-to-lung vape means and how you can do it

As we said a few lines ago, the MTL vape is characterized by a tight shot, due in particular to the air holes and the small diameter drip tip. The DTL vape is the opposite extreme of the previous one, as it involves a single inhalation from the mouth to the lungs and is quite different from the classic cigarette experience.

The main characteristics of DTL (direct lung / direct to the lung), are the following:

  • Very airy shot
  • Direct inhalation from the mouth to the lungs
  • Abundant production of steam (the so-called clouds)
  • High wattages
  • Very powerful battery needed

Contrary to the MTL vape, the lung atomizers have low and very wide drip tips and have an air regulation that always remains very open. Among the most popular atomizers for this type of vaping are undoubtedly the TFV8 X-Baby by SMOK and the Melo 5 by Eleaf.

Here are the differences

Liquids for MTL and DTL vape: which to choose?

If you are wondering if there are flavours for electronic cigarettes more suitable for the MTL or DTL vape, the answer is yes but without setting impassable limits. The reality is that no one forbids you to use any vaping flavour in your electronic cigarette but there are guidelines to better enjoy some types of e-liquid, as you can read below:

Therefore, it is not a dogma, in fact there are many vapers who like to test for example the tobacco flavour e liquid on their DTL atomizer and, of course, everything depends on your tastes.

Usually the manufacturer provides specific indications for the dilution of their vaping flavours on the e liquid base with different percentages of VG PG depending on the type of atomizer used.

A further difference between the two types of vaping lies in the use of bases with nicotine since the liquids for e cigarette nicotine with high nicotine concentrations are more suitable for MTL, both for a health issue and because of the increase in the hit throat..

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Try Terpy liquids for your MTL or DTL ​​vape

As you have read in this article, MTL and DTL vaping are diametrically opposed and for this reason, they characterize your vaporous experience in very different ways. If you are a novice vaper, our advice is to start with a MTL atomizer for 3 main reasons:

  • Greater similarity to the classic smoking experience
  • Minor invasiveness in the lungs
  • Possibility of using liquid nicotine

Based on your personal tastes, you can choose from our e cigarettes flavours, selecting the category of your preference and personalizing your purchase with the most suitable e liquid base for your MTL or DTL atomizer.

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