Magnetic stirrer: what it is and what characteristics it must have for vaping

Magnetic stirrer what it is and what characteristics it must have for vaping

Modified on: 29/05/2024

How a magnetic stirrer works and what it is for.

If you are in the world of vaping, like us, you have probably heard of the magnetic stirrer. What it is, however, you may not yet know: it is a tool that is used mostly in the scientific field, but it is possible to use it to properly mix vape flavours, for example, with an e cigarette liquid.

The magnetic stirrer is a device designed for mixing and homogenizing a solute with one or more solvents: it means that it allows you to mix liquid parts with each other or with solid parts. It appears as a support base in which the container is positioned where the elements to be mixed will be placed .

Inside, under the support base of the container for the e-liquids to be mixed, the agitator has a sort of propeller with a central magnet. By activating the agitator with electric current, the propeller can rotate at different intensities, from the slowest to the fastest.

What will allow you to mix the e cig liquid in the container, positioned above the stirrer, will be the magnetic rod. It is a small magnetic round rod that will be inserted inside the container together with the liquids which, anchoring to the underlying magnet, will rotate with it and will act as a mixer.

The whirlwind that it creates inside the liquids allows a constant and homogeneous mixing of the elements inserted in the container, which is usually a Pyrex glass flask. In addition to scientific laboratories, the magnetic stirrer is found on the desks of many vapers who want to mix the base liquid ecig with vaping flavours (and possibly nicotine bases) in order to obtain customized vaping liquids.

Magnetic stirrer: what it is and what characteristics it must have for vaping

Let’s now see what applications the magnetic stirrer finds in the world of vaping.

Magnetic vape stirrer: how it works.

If you have read the previous lines, you will know that the magnetic stirrer is an instrument used in all scientific laboratories: it is a device suitable for mixing several liquids. Unlike a mechanical stirrer, the magnetic one uses the vortex created by a magnet that rotates inside the liquid mass.

This magnet is called a “magnetic rod” and ensures that the mixing of the parts is very homogeneous. Some brilliant minds had the idea of ​​using this device for mixing vaping liquids, for example to mix flavours for electronic cigarettes, liquid nicotine and more with the neutral base for e-cig.

This methodology allows you to optimally mix the various components of a decomposed e-liquid:

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Concentrated flavor
  • Probably base liquid with nicotine

Having a magnetic stirrer at home, you could also prepare the neutral base in advance, with or without nicotine, in large quantities, so that you have it ready to aromatize it in many ways. In the case of larger quantities of liquid to be mixed, it will be necessary to have a larger rod.

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Is the use of a magnetic stirrer for vaping really essential?

The importance of the magnetic stirrer for mixing vaping liquids is still much discussed today. There are two schools of thought about it:

  1. The stirrer is a fundamental tool for mixing decomposed liquids for electronic cigarettes.
  2. The magnetic stirrer is a superfluous device at diy and amateur level.

Where is the truth? Probably nowhere, in the sense that it is more than obvious that the magnetic stirrer mixes the components of an e-liquid in an excellent way, as it is also true that there are other methods to use. The elements that make up a vape liquid, in fact, are all water-soluble, so they have no difficulty in amalgamating with each other.

ancoretta magnetica e terpeni liquidi

The classic combination of the vaping flavour with the e liquid base takes place by properly shaking into the container where they are poured. However, it is true that the homogenization of the parts requires a settling phase and several “shakes”.

A little part of vapers also claims that the use of the magnetic stirrer allows you to drastically reduce the settling and amalgamation times of DIY e-liquids. This makes sense up to a certain point, also because some flavours require maturation times that cannot be bypassed.

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In conclusion.

Now you should have a clearer understanding of the concept of magnetic stirrer and how it works: its use in the world of vaping is certainly useful if you are a regular consumer of e-liquid, but it’s not essential. In any case, if you want to equip yourself with this device, you can buy the magnetic stirrer on Amazon or do it yourself with a computer cooling fan and other recycled material.

To be able to enjoy our electronic cigarette flavours and combine them with the e liquid base, you do not need a magnetic stirrer: a vigorous shake in the container with the neutral base will be sufficient.

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