How to store flavours while preserving their duration and quality

How to store flavours while preserving their duration and quality

Modified on: 29/05/2024

The perfect storage method for natural flavours for e-cig

Are you a vaper who loves mixing e cig liquid at home? Then you will know that to obtain truly excellent e cigarette liquids, you need to use vape flavours, which can be natural or synthetic.

In order to obtain a pleasantly flavored liquid for electronic cigarettes, just add a few drops of flavour to the neutral base (plus nicotine if you want) and that’s it!

After shaking the mixture, you will have a customized liquid at your leisure, that will give you unique sensations.

Being food products, it is necessary to properly preserve the flavours to guarantee the highest quality during their use. So how to store e-cigarette flavors?

How to store e-liquids

How to store electronic cigarette flavors? Here’s what not to do

In order to preserve all the qualities of the vaping flavors, it is necessary to follow some important indications. First of all, we want to tell you what not to do with flavors, so that you can avoid making mistakes, after receiving them at home.

Here is a list of forbidden things that will be very useful for you in storage:

  • Do not pour the aromas into another container (except to mix them with the neutral base for E Liquid). Our flavours arrive in a sealed bottle, equipped with a shutter, an anti-leak disc and a screw cap. Once you have opened the bottle and used a part of the liquid, what you have to do is simply screw the cap and do not pour the contents into another bottle.
  • Do not expose e-cigarette aromas to heat, as they may vaporize.

What can happen if you don’t follow these prohibitions?

Very simple: the ingredients would deteriorate very easily, maybe before the expiration date, and you could no longer enjoy the taste and the smell of your vaping flavours.

Now let’s see all the directives to best preserve the E-Cig flavors.

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How to store flavours while preserving their duration and quality.

Fundamental tips to store electronic cigarette flavors

The flavors for E-Cig evaporate very easily.

Evaporating temperatures are easily reached inside a closed bottle forgotten in the sun. For this reason, and to avoid the deterioration of the flavours before the expiration date (fixed at 2 years from the production date), it is necessary to keep the bottles in a very cool place and at temperatures below 15 ºC.

We strongly recommend storage in the fridge, but during the winter any other place that maintains medium-low temperatures is also fine. However, during summer, it is essential to put the bottles of flavors in the fridge, otherwise the substances will deteriorate prematurely.

It is also very important to avoid places that easily reach high temperatures, such as cars, a window sill or locations near stoves, heaters and air conditioners.

Do you want to know what to do if you forget the electronic cigarettes flavours in the car or in the sun? Go to the following paragraph and you will find out!

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The consequences of poor preservation of E-Cig flavours

One day you open the glove box under the dashboard of the car … Et voila, a nice bottle of aromas for electronic cigarettes appears. Maybe it has been there for months, indoors, under the sun and in unpredictable temperatures.

One thing is certain: if you have forgotten it there for too long and you do not keep the car in the garage, you can also empty its contents in the sink. The flavours will be deteriorated due to temperatures.

You may even find the bottle empty or with a few vapour drops.

On the other hand, if you keep your car in a cool garage or if you have forgotten the bottle in the car for just one night, then open it and smell it; if it smells good and similar to the one you just bought, then it should be ok. If necessary, also do the quality control by tasting them.

However, if after smelling and tasting the flavours you still have doubts, feel free to contact us and we will help you. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to best preserve the E-Cig flavours, you can buy them immediately on Terpy: you will be pleasantly impressed!