How to mix liquid and nicotine? Here are the tips to avoid making mistakes of beginners.

How to mix liquid and nicotine? Here are the tips to avoid making mistakes of beginners

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Adding neutral base nicotine without making errors is not a utopia! Find out how to do it.

Let’s face it: there is one thing that most vapers have in common, and it is the desire to quit smoking classic cigarettes. In addition to the use of e cigarette liquids with vaping flavours that are pleasant to the taste and smell, there is something else that can help smokers to switch completely to the electronic cigarette.

This “something” is liquid nicotine, which helps to stop thinking about the analog cigarette (or at least to think very little about it) and also to put a stop to the nervousness caused by abstinence.

If you want to add nicotine to the neutral base, you are wondering for sure how to mix liquid and nicotine without making mistakes. Today we want to give you several tips on how to calculate nicotine in the e liquid base and make a really satisfying liquid! Let’s get started right now.

How to mix liquid and nicotine? Here are the tips to avoid making mistakes of beginners

1) Before mixing nicotine and neutral base, consider that liquid nicotine is always diluted.

From several years ago it is no longer possible to buy pure nicotine, as it is a harmful product and, in some doses, even lethal to humans. For this reason you can only find it diluted in a liquid solution, generally composed of nicotine + Propylene Glycol (PG), nicotine + Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or nicotine + PG + VG in different percentages.

This information is essential to mix the right amounts of nicotine with the neutral base and then add the flavours for electronic cigarettes, in order to create customized vaping liquids suitable for your personal tastes.

2) It is imperative to understand the ratio of milligrams of nicotine to milliliters of liquid.

The percentages of nicotine in a neutral base are measured by how many milligrams of nicotine are in one milliliter of liquid (mg / ml ratio).

Don’t worry: most specialty stores, such as Terpy, mark nicotine levels on their websites and bottles using the mg / ml indicator. This means that it does not matter what the size of the nicotine bases purchased is: they contain the milligrams of nicotine indicated on the website or on the package (in UK the bottles can contain a maximum of 20 mg / ml).

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3) Use a decomposed liquid calculator to mix nicotine and E-Cig base.

How to calculate the nicotine to add to the e cigarette base liquid? Don’t rely on chance: you risk adding too much nicotine for your needs or, on the contrary, too little.

We therefore recommend that you use a nicotine + neutral base calculator, which you can easily find on Google, or you can contact us and we will advise you the best!

To give you an example, to obtain 130 ml of neutral base 50/50 with nicotine 1.4 mg / ml, you need to use 1 bottle of 10 ml of neutral base nicotine with a concentration of 18 mg / ml and combine it with 60 ml of Propylene Glycol + 60 ml of Vegetable Glycerin.

If you have only one flavor and you want to combine it with these 130 ml then dose it in the right quantities, add it to the base with nicotine and shaker. If you have different flavours, then shake the base after adding the liquid nicotine and make, each time, the flavored liquid to use in your E-Cig (remembering to shake well even after adding the flavor).

What are the right quantities regarding vaping flavours?

Each type has its quantities, so we can tell you that our electronic cigarette flavours have the ideal dosages directly on the label. In this way you can mix them with your e-liquid base and with nicotine bases in the most correct way possible.

How to mix liquid and nicotine? Here are the tips to avoid making mistakes of beginners 2

4) When handling liquid nicotine, always protect your hands with gloves.

The skin absorbs nicotine very quickly, so we recommend that you always use latex gloves when handling the liquid nicotine bottle. Avoiding direct contact is very important especially if nicotine is present in high quantities (for example 18 mg) in the solution in which it is diluted.

If you come into contact with liquid nicotine – for example by accidentally spilling it on your hands – we recommend that you wash the affected part immediately with soap and a lot of water. Then, you may feel a slight discomfort that is disposed of over time.

Fortunately, intoxication is very rare due to the restrictions imposed on the nicotine trade: as you could read just now, in UK (and throughout Europe) it is forbidden to sell pure nicotine precisely because of its toxicity.

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5) If you are new to the e-cigarette, start with small amounts of liquid nicotine.

This may be the first time you approach the e-cigarette, so you may not know the concentrations of liquid nicotine that are most suitable for you. For this reason, we recommend that you start with a low amount of this substance and, only if you feel the need, gradually increase.

Also for vaping flavours, you could follow the same method: start with small doses to avoid being nauseated by the final liquid and if you like a stronger flavor gradually increase the number of drops.

In conclusion

Now you know all the tips for mixing liquid nicotine with your neutral base for electronic cigarette, but with Terpy you can simplify all the steps even more. You can choose the Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin ratio for your neutral base, nicotine concentration and e-cigarette flavors you want; you can then make your own liquid for E Cigarettes or, if you wish, receive your ready-made vaping liquids!