US study: no relationship between e-cig and Covid-19

That is why there is no relationship between e-cigarette and Coronavirus

Modified on: 16/05/2022

Are you trying to understand if there is a real correlation between the use of electronic cigarettes and a greater risk of contracting covid-19? We explain why you can vape safely!

In the last period, many scientific articles have tried to determine if there is a relationship between smoking and Covid-19. Some of these studies also deal with the topic concerning the use of e cigarette.

So, let’s see what the scientists say and why it can be excluded that e-cigarettes facilitate SARS-CoV-2 infection.

E-cig and Covid-19: what the scientific study consists of

The purpose of the survey in America in 2020 was to verify the hypothesis for which the use of electronic cigarettes can be related to a greater possibility of contracting coronavirus infection.

So, let’s see what the scientists have done and how they came to say that there is no relationship between the use of e-cigarettes and Covid-19.

Covid-19 and correlation with the electronic cigarette

Covid-19 and correlation with the electronic cigarette

The patients analyzed at the Mayo Clinic in Rochestere, New York, were almost 70 thousand. The average age of the participants was about 50 years. 68% of them were female, and over 10% of them were smokers.

The observation of the patients lasted more than a year, and the scientists monitored the health status of each of them by recording in parallel the habits related to smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes.

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The conclusions of the US study state the non-correlation between e-cigarettes and Covid-19

The study revealed that there is no apparent relationship between e-cigarettes use and SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Only 5.1% of patients tested positive for the virus, statistically excluding a greater predisposition to respiratory tract infection if daily use of the electronic cigarette.

It has also been shown that liquid nicotine does not increase the possibility of contracting Covid-19. At the same time, as is known, the other substances produced by the combustion of tobacco can be harmful to the body in general, but they also do not seem to increase the risk of infection.

Mayo Clinic researchers said the results of this study shed light on the positive aspects of using e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes, and have undertaken further research to try to demonstrate how e-cigarette use can ultimately moderate the adverse effects of Covid-19.

Electronic cigarettes and Covid-19: other related studies

The scientific study conducted in America by the Mayo Clinic is just one of the many insights that scientific research has carried out on the subject.

The “Research Center for the Reduction of Smoke Damage of the University of Catania” has also evaluated whether vape activity can favor the spread of viral particles from Coronavirus.

Specifically, the Italian study is trying to understand if, with the inhalation and exhalation of vaporized electronic cigarette liquids, it is plausible to expect a more significant emission of the virus if the vape is contagious.

Therefore, this study focuses on the role of respiratory activities in the transmission of the virus to adopt strategies to combat the spread of infection and the consequent epidemic.

Boy vaping during the Coronavirus pandemic

The role of nicotine as a possible ally against Covid-19

The same “Research Center of the University of Catania” has conducted another study, concluded with a publication on the subject: the intake of nicotine derived from the use of electronic cigarettes could have a protective action concerning the possibility of contracting the Coronavirus.

Although the research unit said that further investigation is needed, it would seem that nicotine may limit the reception of the virus by epithelial cells through a complex mechanism related to the ACE-2 enzyme receptor.

Therefore, it seems that smokers’ molecular mechanisms can limit the entry of the SARS-CoV-2 virus into the cells, metaphorically closing the “doors” to the virus and increasing protection for the whole organism.

In addition, we are trying to understand if smoking and mating can be harmful to the virus itself, limiting its proliferation in the respiratory system.

However, the director of the Research Center, Prof. Giovanni Li Volti, explains that these researches need further investigation and further experimental tests. For those who already have pathologies associated with smoking, the course of Covid-19 infection remains more difficult than for healthy and non-smoking patients.

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To conclude

As you have read, it is unlikely that vaping can lead to greater vulnerability to Covid-19. Science shows that no correlation between the disease caused by the pandemic and the use of electronic cigarettes.

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