Electronic pipe: these are the main differences with the cigarette

The main differences of the electronic pipe with the e-cigarette

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Have you heard about the electronic pipe and want to find out what the main differences are with E-cigs? Discover all the details of this vintage style device

With a British soul, the electronic pipe is one of the latest fashions in the world of vaping, dedicated to all those who retain a retro and hipster style in modernity.

Are you curious to know how an electronic pipe differs from a cigarette?

Would you like to discover all the details of these uniquely stylish devices?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re already an avid pipe smoker, you’ll be surprised to learn that the electronic pipe is virtually identical to the analogue pipe.

Weight and materials are practically the same, and even the design can remain the same, which is why the pipe is easier for a smoker to replace than a classic cigarette.

So let’s take a look at the main differences between an electronic pipe and an electronic cigarette.

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Electronic pipe, how does it work?

If you are fascinated by the alternative style of the electronic pipe, you should know that as a vaping device, it is almost identical to the most common e-cigs.

The main differences are inherent in the design and materials, while the operation of the electronic pipe remains unchanged compared to most e-cigarettes.

The main components of the electronic pipe are:

  • atomiser or combustion chamber;
  • battery;
  • display;
  • suction duct;
  • mouthpiece.

The electronic pipe is dedicated to those who seek and prefer a “cheek smoke”, savouring the taste of the vape aromas in the mouth before inhaling the vapour.

For this reason, those who use the electronic pipe prefer to choose electronic cigarette liquids embellished with the characteristic taste of pipe tobaccos, which are pleasant to enjoy in a relaxed manner and with the classic reflexive style.

But how is the electronic pipe structured?

As we have already mentioned, the device looks exactly like a classic wooden pipe.

The characteristic part is known as the “pipe dome” — i.e., the typical belly in which the tobacco combustion chamber is located in the traditional version — is almost unchanged, except for the presence of the digital display, distinctive of the electronic version.

The display usually contains essential information, such as the battery charge level and operating modes. In addition, in many types of pipes, the display lights up with each intake.

The battery is connected directly to the atomiser, which flows into the duct. It is where the vapour passes through before reaching the mouthpiece from which you inhale.

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Electronic pipe: why choose it instead of a cigarette?

The electronic pipe is selected by all those who are passionate about this type of smoking and by die-hard fans of the “intellectual” style that the pipe gives to those who use it.

We could say that more than a practical matter, those who choose to smoke an electronic pipe do so for a question of style.

There are several designs, from the more classic Sherlock Holmes-style to the more modern and futuristic.

The important thing is to choose the model closest to your needs, both technical, in terms of the sensation it gives you when you smoke and aesthetic.

It is, therefore, a subjective choice, which does not involve significant differences with the most commonly used e-cigs.

Brief history of the traditional pipe

To conclude

To recapitulate, the electronic pipe, also known as the e-pipe, has the same functions as the electronic cigarette, replacing the traditional pipe and making the smoking experience far less harmful to human health.

The feature that differs most from the electronic cigarette is the external structure, which consists of an elongated casing that flows into a brazier, in this case, an atomiser, with an inverted bell shape.

It is precisely the choice of atomiser, which, as with e-cigarettes, can determine different types of vaping.

There is a choice between:

  • cheek shot atomisers, which are more suitable for pipes
  • or pulmonary, often used in e-cigarettes.

The advantages of switching from the traditional pipe to the electronic pipe are varied, and if you are thinking of opting for this solution, your body will benefit. In addition, switching from traditional combustion systems to e-cigarettes dramatically reduces the adverse effects on your health.

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