How an atomizer works and why it is so important

How an atomizer works and why it is so important

Modified on: 13/05/2022

This is what happens inside the atomizer when it is activated

If you are a vaper or maybe you just want to learn about the functioning of the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, you should know how an e-cig atomizer works. In order to vape creamy, fruity e liquid or any other e liquid, you will need an atomizer and a box mod.

Don’t be scared, it looks like Arabic, but once you have acquired a few basic concepts, everything will be very clear: the box mod is the system in which the battery is incorporated and that powers the vaporization, while the atomizer is the part of the e-cig in which vaporization itself occurs.

With any budget, you can buy an e-cig, so to try your vaping liquids you won’t need a particularly expensive hardware (device). You just need to have a charged box and an atomizer, of any type. Now let’s see what elements an atomizer is made of and how it works.

How an atomizer works and why it is so important

What are the parts that make up an atomizer for electronic cigarettes

The atomizer is that part of the electronic cigarette where vaporization takes place physically: we can say that it is the beating heart of the device. The atom is composed of several parts:

  • Drip tip: mouthpiece for steam inhalation
  • Tank: part in which the e-liquid is placed
  • Coil: heating resistance that allows vaporization
  • Base: area to which the coil is connected and through which the atom sits on the box
  • Pin: connector for the passage of direct current between the box and the atom

These are the main components of a simple non-regenerable tank-type atomizer, that is, in which the tank for vaping liquids is incorporated into the atom and the coils are pre-made. To make you understand better we make this brief clarification:

  • Atom regenerable: works through coils packaged by the manufacturer
  • Atom not regenerable: works through coils handcrafted by the vaper

The main types of atomizers are:

  • Tank: atom with built-in tank
  • Bottom Feeder (BF): atom in which the liquid to be vaporized arrives through a tube that passes through the pin (in this case perforated). The tank is located in the box
  • Dripper: atom in which there is no tank: the liquid is manually placed on the coil from the vaper every couple of puffs

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Usually the non regenerable atoms are of the tank type, while the drippers and the BFs are regenerable, more complex systems and intended for more experienced vapers. However, to be able to vape e-liquids, there is no need to take a degree in electronics or chemistry.

Non-regenerable atoms, also called “head atoms”, are undoubtedly the most suitable systems for both neo-vapers and people who want a smart vaping experience without too many frills. Let’s now see how the atomizer actually works.

How an atomizer works and why it is so important 2

How a coil works: here is a quick guide on resistors for electronic cigarettes

As mentioned in the above lines, the heart of the atom is the coil, whichis the heating resistance that allows the e-cig to vaporize the liquid. Pre-made coils usually appear as small metal cylinders where there is a specific metal resistance (often kanthal A1) wrapped in organic cotton.

The liquid comes into contact with the cotton through small holes on the coil shell, soaking it. The cotton is wrapped around the resistance which heats up by activating the vaper using the “fire” button on the box (there are also systems without a button that are activated by a sensor that detects inhalation).

The pin of the atomizer propagates the current from the battery of the box to the coil, heating the resistance that vaporizes the liquid that impregnates the cotton. In this process, there is no combustion, but boil.

Through the drip tip, the vaper inhales the steam produced by the coil thanks to the chimney, that is the area above the coil that allows the passage of steam. You can imagine the chimney as the internal area of ​​the hood of a fireplace; the external part of the hood instead is called a bell.

The shape and size of the chimney affect the perception of the aroma and there are atoms that have interchangeable bells, in order to personalize the vape experience.

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Final remarks

We hope that our mini guide was helpful to you to better understand how an atomizer works. To be able to vape quality electronic cigarette e liquid flavours you do not need the best non-regenerable MTL atomizer on the market, since thanks to their quality they perform well on any atom. Don’t wait any longer, click here now to buy the best e-cig liquids on the web! On Terpy you will find vaping liquids and flavours for all tastes for a unique experience in the world!