Can you enter the stadium with an electronic cigarette? Here is what the Italian law says

Can you enter the stadium with an electronic cigarette?

Published on: 30/06/2023


You are an avid fan of your favourite team, but does your passion include vaping? If so, you’re probably wondering if you can get into the stadium with your trusty e-cigarette and enjoy the matches together with a great e-liquid in your favourite flavour.

This is a very common question among our users and, more generally, among many Italian vapers. And the answer is not as simple as some might think.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the regulations of the Italian stadiums on electronic cigarettes.

Smoking and vaping in stadiums: what is the law?

As is well known, Italian legislation is much stricter with regard to cigarettes than vaping. In particular, the Sirchia law promulgated 20 years ago sanctioned the prohibition of smoking in public indoor places, among which (of course) do not include stadiums. With the appearance on the market of electronic cigarettes, at first this rule was extended to e-cig, but this decision was short-lived and was quickly annulled by a subsequent measure.

Later, with the d.l. n. 104 of 2013 it was sanctioned the prohibition of vaping in certain places, including hospitals, educational institutions, institutions for the punishment of minors, vocational training centers and those for employment. And even today this is the reference standard governing the possibility of using electronic cigarettes.

Smoking and vaping in stadiums

In essence, only in the aforementioned places is it forbidden to vape: as a result, it would be permissible to think that it is possible to carry your electronic cigarette inside the stadiums. And, in fact, in general it is just like that. On the other hand, the stadium is an outdoor place and inside it, as a rule, smoking is not prohibited. It would be the last straw if fans could consume traditional cigarettes, but not electronic ones, right?

However, there are some important clarifications to be made in this regard.

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 Smoking and vaping in Italian stadiums: who should decide

You see, despite the fact that smoking and vaping at stadiums are allowed under national law, the last word on this is the authority that administers the structure, namely the municipality (in public stadiums) or the owning company (in private stadiums). In short, before you try to enter a sports facility with your electronic cigarette you should inquire about the rules of procedure.

Currently, there is no ban on vaping or smoking in some important Italian stadiums, including the Olimpico in Rome and the Diego Armando Maradona in Naples.

In most facilities, however, the administration decided to prohibit the consumption of traditional cigarettes and to allow the use of e-cig. Among the stages where smoking is prohibited, but not vaping, are:

  • Allianz Stadium of Juventus;
  • the Dall’Ara of Bologna;
  • the San Siro of Milan;
  • the Dacia Arena of Udine;
  • the Artemio Franchi of Florence.

To date, in Serie A there is only one stadium in which both traditional and electronic cigarettes are prohibited: the Bentegodi of Verona.

Electronic cigarettes at the stadium: respect the rules, but also other spectators

To summarize, if you want to take your e-cigarette to the stadium be informed carefully about the rules of procedure. As a rule, all Italian football clubs report this data on their official website.

Note: even when entering a facility where vaping is allowed, always try to use common sense. People around you may not like your steam clouds. And if your presence becomes harassing, the stadium security authorities may decide to move you away from the facility.

Electronic cigarettes at the stadium: respect the rules

As a result, it would be advisable to bring with you a discreet device, possibly from the cheek and with a power not too high. Avoid pulmonary electronic cigarettes and, in general, all devices designed for cloud chasing. In this way you will not risk to annoy the other fans and ruin the show to those who, like you, decided to spend a few hours to follow live your favorite team.

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In conclusion

In this article we found that in most Italian stadiums vaping is allowed and fans are free to enjoy their electronic cigarettes in total freedom. The only limit remains, as always, common sense.

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