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What to put in your mouth instead of a cigarette

Published on: 20/06/2023



The dangers of smoking are now well known, not least thanks to the warnings that cigarette companies have been obliged to put on cigarette packets for several years. However, despite reading terrifying phrases such as ‘Smoking is seriously damaging to health’ and ‘Smoking increases the risk of blindness’ every day, smokers still experience great difficulty in giving up this habit.

The problem is that willpower is often not enough: there are so many factors that fuel liquid nicotine addiction, both physical and psychological, and overcoming them all is a real feat.

In this article, we will illustrate some popular recommended methods for quitting smoking, starting with those suggested for combating the first typical act performed by tobacco addicts: bringing a cigarette to the mouth.

Chewing to stop smoking: this is how it works

A classic tip for those who feel the urge to smoke is to keep their mouth busy by chewing on candy or chewing gum. In this way, the brain would be distracted from its nicotine craving and it would be possible to overcome the moments when the temptation is strongest.

Moreover, this method can be made even more effective by resorting to nicotine chewing gum, which not only tricks the mind but also helps to soothe the symptoms of nicotine addiction.

Chewing to stop smoking: this is how it works

Some even suggest resorting to far more ‘exotic’ products, such as a licorice stick or the root of certain plants like gentian. But in reference to the latter, let’s be frank: we know that it would be quite a hassle to have to carry a licorice stick or root with you at all times to relieve the urge to smoke. It would not be practical at all.

In short, of the ‘chewable’ remedies mentioned above, the most effective are definitely candies and chewing gum, especially if they are manufactured to contain nicotine.

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Postpone, breathe, drink and do something else: the 4D method

The urge to smoke can also be combated with practices other than those mentioned above. Particularly interesting is the 4D method, a solution developed by some Anglo-Saxon experts in the fight against smoking.

Do you know why it is called this? Because it is based on these principles:

  • delay: putting it off. This may seem like trivial advice for those who feel a strong need for nicotine, but the urge to smoke does not last forever. That is why it is advisable to try to delay as long as possible when you feel the need to light up a cigarette. Perhaps, the first few times you will not be able to resist for long. But by gradually training yourself to wait longer and longer before smoking, it is possible to quit once and for all;
  • deep breathing. Very often the urge to smoke is related to stress rather than the need for nicotine. Consequently, relaxing practices such as deep breathing can reduce the risk of falling into temptation and lighting up a blonde;
  • drinking water. According to several experts, this practice can speed up the disposal of nicotine in the body and, consequently, help overcome addiction more quickly;
  • do something else. When you feel like smoking, your brain focuses exclusively on a single goal: lighting up a cigarette. Fortunately, in moments of maximum temptation, we can try to distract our minds by simply engaging in a manual or cerebral activity, such as reading a book, going for a run outdoors or watching a good movie. According to some experts, the idea of smoking a cigarette can be banished in this way.

The electronic cigarette: the most effective tool in the fight against smoking?

Among the many methods used by smokers to stop smoking, there is one that has become increasingly popular in recent years: the electronic cigarette.

The main advantage of these devices allegedly lies in the fact that they are able to faithfully reproduce the smokers’ experience. In other words, the use of e-cigarettes encompasses all those gestures typical of the consumption of cigarettes that contribute to tobacco addiction.

The electronic cigarette: the most effective tool in the fight against smoking

In addition, e-cigs possess another extremely important feature for those who want to quit smoking: the nicotine concentration of e-liquids can be customized, gradually decreasing as steps are taken towards overcoming addiction.

All of these factors would contribute to making the electronic cigarette the most effective device for quitting smoking. This is confirmed by several studies, including a particularly relevant research conducted by the University of Oxford. According to this analysis, the electronic cigarette is even more effective than nicotine replacement therapy products (patches, oral sprays, etc.), which, until recently, were considered to be the best tool for combating smoking.

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In conclusion

In this article, we have outlined some of the most popular methods of quitting smoking, starting with chewing gum and the 4D method and ending with e-cigarettes, which are increasingly popular among smokers. And the latter, according to science, are the most effective in achieving this important goal.