MTL or DTL vaping: all the differences between these modes

MTL or DTL vaping: all the differences

Published on: 07/07/2023


One of the main problems faced by those who start vaping is the lack of clear information to help them navigate the choice between numerous types of electronic cigarettes. In fact, there are many models on the market, each of which has very specific characteristics that clearly affect the vaper’s experience.

However, it is possible to simplify by dividing e-cigs into two categories: MTL and DTL.

Knowing the main differences between these two types is a key step in finding the ideal device for your needs. If you want to learn more about this, you will find all the information you need in the following articles.

Here is how MTL electronic cigarettes work

MTL stands for ‘mouth to lung’, so from mouth to lungs. It is a term for a mode of vaping similar to the way in which smokers consume traditional cigarettes, also known as ‘cheek shot’.

Have you ever smoked one? Basically, as you consume it, you inhale a certain amount of smoke inside your mouth and later inhale it inside your lungs. Here, MTL e-cigs work exactly in this way and are distinguished by the following characteristics:

Here is how MTL electronic cigarettes work

  • reduced amount of air passing through the heating element during inhalation. Consequently, these devices tend to produce little vapor;
  • optimum performance with 50/50 e-cigarette liquids in which the propylene glycol content is identical to that of vegetable glycerin;
  • drip tips with a small opening;
  • high liquid nicotine concentration of about 9 mg per milliliter of e-liquid;
  • low operating power. The resistances of MTL atomizers are designed to be used at wattages not exceeding 20/25 watts.

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 The lung shot: these are the characteristics of DTL e-cigs

The acronym DTL stands for ‘direct to lung’. Vaping with these devices happens differently than with MTLs.

Imagine taking a dive and breathing through a mouthpiece connected to an oxygen tank. In this case, you would inhale the gas directly into your lungs, right? The same happens during DTL vaping: the vapor is sucked directly into the lungs in one go.

This vaping mode is also called ‘lung shot’ and is characterized by the following features:

  • large flow of air passing through the heating element during inhalation and production of large amounts of vapor;
  • optimal performance with 70/30 electronic cigarette liquids, i.e. 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol;
  • drip tip with large opening;
  • low nicotine concentration of about 3 mg per milliliter of e-liquid;
  • high wattage. Resistors for the lung shot are used by delivering a wattage that can exceed 100 watts.

Lung or cheek shot? The right choice for you

In the previous paragraphs we indicated the main characteristics of MTL and DTL cigarettes, but you may still have doubts as to which type to choose according to your needs. If so, in this last part of the article I will try to give you some useful tips to help you make this decision.

First, are you an ex-smoker and a recent starter? In this case, I recommend you buy an MTL device. As I explained to you, cheek e-cigs have a very similar draw to traditional cigarettes and can help you gradually get used to vaping, giving you an experience very similar to real cigarettes.

Lung or cheek shot?

Also, answer this question: what do you consider most important when vaping? Do you like the vapor from your e-cig to be warm and full-bodied and are you not particularly interested in aroma perception? If so, the lung shot is for you.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the vapor to have an intense flavor at the expense of its full-bodiedness and temperature, I recommend that you purchase a cheek e-cig.

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In conclusion

In this article we have explained what the differences between MTL and DTL e-cigarettes are and what factors to consider when deciding which type of device to buy. I really hope that this information will help you choose the perfect e-cig for your needs.

Once you have made your decision, all that is left to do is to buy quality e-cigarette liquids so that you can fully enjoy your e-cigarette. And here in Terpy you can find the best on the market.

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