RDA electronic cigarette: what it is and what you need to know before buying one

RDA electronic cigarette: what it is

Published on: 10/06/2023



One characteristic that all of us vapers have in common is the desire to constantly try new products and identify those that help us make our experience even more satisfying.

It is stronger than us: we vape one liquid for a few days and immediately want to try other totally different ones. We buy an atomiser that satisfies us, but after hearing about a new model that is receiving extremely positive reviews we want to have it and put it to the test.

For this reason, it is perfectly normal that you are looking for information on RDA electronic cigarettes. These devices are not very popular, but the rumors about them are extremely positive.

Could they be the ideal solution for your needs? Perhaps so, but before you buy one, please read the following article in which we will explain the pros and cons of RDA e-cigarettes.

What RDA electronic cigarettes are and how they work

RDA stands for Regenerable Dripping Atomizer: literally, Regenerable Atomizer for Dripping. To explain what this is all about, let’s examine this term word for word.

Even if you were a novice vaper, you probably know what an atomiser is: it is that part of the electronic cigarette that contains the resistance and is responsible for vaporizing our tasty e-liquid concentrates. Most of them work with coil heads: in practice, these are bought ready-made, complete with resistive wire and cotton, and are assembled in the blink of an eye by screwing them into the base of the e-cig tank.

What RDA electronic cigarettes are and how they work

Some atomisers are regenerable. This means that they work with resistances that have to be made by hand, by purchasing a roll of resistive wire and the appropriate cotton. Here, RDAs belong to this category.

Finally, let us briefly examine the term dripping. This word denotes the practice of consuming electronic cigarette liquid by pouring it drop by drop directly onto the resistance cotton and repeating the operation each time the wick dries. RDA atomisers are specially designed for dripping: they do not have an actual tank (consequently they are small in size) and have a sort of top cap that can be easily removed to pour the drops of e-liquid onto the cotton.

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Why discerning vapers tend to choose RDA e-cigs

Let’s be frank. After reading how RDAs work, you’re probably thinking: “But why should I waste my time with dripping, pouring liquid drop by drop every time I want to vape? I’d sooner use a nice atomiser with a large tank!”.

More than fair, but there is a reason why so many vapers turn to dripping: as I explained in the previous paragraph, RDA atomisers are small precisely because they do not have a tank. This means that in these devices the resistance is much closer to the drip tip (i.e. the nozzle from which you inhale the vapor) than in other models. This feature means that the flavor of the e-liquid remains virtually unchanged because it does not have to pass through the so-called ‘chimney’ of the e-cig.

In short, RDA e-cigs have a superior aromatic yield and regular users swear that it is worth ‘wasting time’ dripping to enjoy their favorite liquids to the full.

The cons of RDA atomisers: what you need to know before buying them

In the previous paragraph, I highlighted what are the strengths of RDA atomisers. Now, however, I want to make you think about the cons of these devices so that you have all the information you need to decide whether they might be the ideal choice for you.

Apart from the inconvenience of dripping, the biggest flaw of RDAs is their operation through regenerable resistors.

The cons of RDA atomisers

Let me explain: if you have never tried to regenerate a resistor, know that it is not an easy task for novices. The resistive wire must be made of a material that is suitable for your atomiser, it must have a certain diameter and it must be machined to create a coil with a certain number of turns. All it takes is one small mistake at this stage and the resistor may heat up too much, or too little. And this would compromise your vaping experience.

In addition, once the coil has been prepared, a cotton wick must be inserted into it. And this, too, must be worked carefully by hand, making sure that it has the right length according to the size of the atomiser and that its fibers are neither too dense nor too sparse.

In short, RDAs can offer great satisfaction from an aromatic point of view, but only if you have the patience and experience to use them correctly. If you are a novice vaper, I would advise you to choose a simpler device. Once you have gained some experience, then you can think about taking the next step and buying an RDA.

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In conclusion

Now you know the main pros and cons of RDA e-cigarettes. As you have read, the biggest advantage of these devices would be their better aromatic performance compared to other e-cigs. However, enjoying e-liquids to the full comes at a price: investing the time to acquire the necessary experience to correctly regenerate RDA resistors.

Whether you choose to buy an atomizer with tank heads, or a regenerable for dripping, we invite you to try our electronic cigarette liquids: here at Terpy you can buy many top quality products among which you will certainly find one that is tailored to your needs.