Electronic Cigarette Liquid Recipes: What You Need To Know To Avoid Unnecessary Risks.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid Recipes

Modified on: 29/05/2024

The best recipes for “homemade” vaporizing liquids (liquid with and without nicotine).

If you want to start using the electronic cigarette, before choosing which e cigarette liquid to use or in what quantities you intend to consume an e liquid, it is advisable to take small precautions, and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

The electronic cigarette is not recommended in case of :

  • Cardiorespiratory diseases, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, kidney, liver or digestive tract diseases;
  • Possible allergies to one of the components of the mixture;
  • Taking medications that can interfere with nicotine;
  • Taking nicotine via patches, lozenges or similar products for nicotine detoxification itself.

The long-term goal for those approaching the world of e-cigarettes is to quit smoking. Unlike many other medical devices, the electronic cigarette is designed to emulate a classic cigarette, replacing it almost entirely: in the smoker’s head also the mimicry and the sensory perceptions of the “combustion” will be very similar to those tried with a cigarette.

Are there any risks associated with other e-liquid ingredients?

In Italy, the electronic cigarette has had a very significant diffusion. In addition, a large group of users has been consolidated, called vapers (or “aspirate steam”, from English vaping), aloyal and competent.

What makes the electronic cigarette special is not only the vaporization mechanism that replaces the classic combustion, thus making it less harmful, but the possibility of choosing the composition of the liquids to be sucked, changing its heaviness and taste.

Precisely this variety when choosing, has brought many vaper to try fluids of all kinds (on the market there are sweets, fruit, tobaccos and menthol) and some consumers have started to mix or create e liquids at home and according to their preferences.

In fact, there are numerous reasons why it is convenient to make liquids at home, such as avoiding the monotony of pre-made fluids found in most stores or not feeling more forced to move every time the e cig liquid is about to run out .

An aspect not to be overlooked is savings. If a homemade liquid is made in large quantities, we will spend less money than buying ready-made bottles.

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The advantages of do-it-yourself e cigarette liquids:

There are many advantages in making liquids yourself, apart of those already mentioned, the vaporizer can help customer’s imagination: create new recipes, faithfully reproduce the favorite e-liquids, make stocks of liquid, save time and money.

But what ingredients are needed to create the liquids of electronic cigarettes?

The basic ingredients for creating a liquid are:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerol
  • Aroma

In addition to the basic ingredients, purified water can be added to lengthen the mixing and cool the operating temperatures, and liquid nicotine, if the customer like its flavors, smells and nuances.

The ingredients can be purchased separately to mix them later, or it is possible to take neutral bases (diy e liquid) already composed and mixed with the standard percentages to which only the flavor you prefer must be added.

A great amount of propylene glycol inside the base will affect to have more hit and perceived aroma, however at the expense of the density of smoke at the time of vaporization. If a great amount of glycerol will be present in the liquid and less strong will be the hit in the throat that you will feel at the time of aspiration, but there will be a greater amount of steam during vaping.

Before proceeding with the purchase of the ingredients and mixing them, it is important to establish whether the liquid we want to produce is for an electronic cigarette with a cheek or lung shot.

E-liquid steaming recipes for flavours

Recipes for e liquid steaming

In case you don’t want nicotine in the mixture, a well balanced proportion of the ingredients is definitely this one below:

  • Propylene glycol : 50%
  • Vegetable glycerine : 40%
  • Distilled water : 10%
  • Flavor : 10%
  • Liquid nicotine (optional)

If you want to add nicotine to the compound, you will need to take into account the amount of liquid you want to create and the value of nicotine you are used to taking. The e liquid base with the appropriate nicotine mg is purchasable in any e-cigarette store.

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E-liquid recipes for swallowing vapour into the lungs

The most suitable mixture for vape lung is the following:

  • Vegetable glycerol 90%
  • Propylene glycol 10%

Then add the concentrated aroma you prefer.

For those who do not feel like doing it all by themselves, it should be noted that on the internet it is possible to buy ready-made bottles with neutral bases PG VG of glycerol and glycol without nicotine, both for cheek vape and for lung vape, to which it must be added only the e liquid concentrates (just do a search by typing “liquid electronic cigarette recipes”).

Recommended equipment

In addition to purchasing the ingredients, it is good to be provided with some tool that helps contain the ingredients while creating the recipe. Not much equipment is needed, but the bare minimum so that you can work safely and comfortably such as:

  • A graduated cylinder, in order to keep under control the doses that you will pour during the mixing phase;
  • The graduated syringes to transport various liquids with extreme comfort. There are more or less capacious syringes;
  • Latex gloves to perform the mixing operation in complete safety.

In principle this is all you need to know to avoid unnecessary risks and proceed with the preparation of “do it yourself” liquids without combining messes but the fact remains that in order not to make mistakes it would always be advisable to avoid do it yourself and use ready-made liquids!