Electronic cigarette flavour ranking 2020: we have a winner!

Best 5 flavors for electronic cigarette of 2020 on Terpi

Modified on: 13/05/2022

The top 5 of the best vaping flavours of 2020 on Terpy

The e cigarette flavours (to be combined with the e-liquid base to create customized vaping liquids) are many and the tastes are always subjective, therefore it is difficult to choose a better flavour than another one.

Even the situations of use and the periods of the year can affect the choice of one flavour rather than another, but the data are clear and we have created the “2020 electronic cigarette flavour ranking“, based on the consumption of our customers’ vapers.

In previous articles, we have mentioned the most popular vaping flavours of all time but here we want to tell you about the protagonists of this year, from January until now.

Here is the winner and the other protagonists of the ranking in a top 5.

1) Tobacco Light: the first on the podium of concentrated electronic cigarette flavours.

Loved by ex-smokers, chosen and re-chosen by new and veterans vapers, the Tobacco Light flavour is the first in the 2020 ranking.

It is a product belonging to the category of tobacco flavours; it is delicate, but at the same time full-bodied and refined.

It is the taste that makes e cigarette liquids more faithful to the taste of the classic cigarettes of the most popular brands, but at the same time it characterizes the vape with a pleasant sensation of freshness on the palate.

Tobacco Light is a balanced flavour that never tires – after all, the winner of the ranking could only be an All Day Vape flavour – suitable for all situations and periods of the year.

The pleasant flavours of wild pine and musk, with the pleasant aftertaste of mint, go perfectly with the aromatic tobacco, reminiscent of a lush forest.

You will be able to buy the winner of the Tobacco Light 2020 electronic cigarette flavour ranking in the Terpy online store, in the 10 ml format.

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2) Classic and sweet at the same time: Tobacco Sweet.

The Tobacco Sweet flavour is perfect for those who are quitting smoking and look for familiar scents but with something new.

In fact, this flavour is much loved by vapers who prefer sweet and aromatic tastes at the same time.

It is a product that is part of the category of tobacco flavours and is highly appreciated especially in the colder season, due to its aromas of vanilla and cotton candy, warmed by the aromatic body of classic tobacco.

Moreover, its very sinuous aromatic notes allow it to be loved by both men and women.

We suggest you to try it even if you have recently stopped smoking the classic cigarette: its inebriating scents of caramel and tobacco will take you back in time, to evenings at the circus or at the amusement park when you were just a child.

Sweet tobacco is a classic and sweet taste at the same time

3) Coffee Cream: the Italian tribute to e-cigarettes.

It is well known that smokers usually also love coffee, a timeless drink loved by men and women, adults and children all over the world.

In short, a coffee flavour like our Coffee Cream could not miss to enrich vaping liquids and its success during 2020 was enormous.

Coffee Cream flavour is part of the category of bakery flavours for e-cigarettes and its strong and decided coffee bean taste is expertly dampened in this blend by sweet notes that remember mascarpone cream and tiramisu.

Vaping an e-liquid created by the Coffee Cream aroma means surrounding yourself with an inebriating scent of coffee, which is also pleasant for those around us and which reminds us of classic Italian coffees in the morning.

It is a flavour that gives a feeling of comfort and brings to mind the pleasant jovial moments spent with family or friends, because you know, a good cup of coffee is always an excellent companion for little talks.

Buy the Coffee Cream vaping aroma in the Terpy store, to enjoy the coffee aroma even when you do not have the opportunity to sip it.

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4) Bluesky flavour: a freshness shiver enclosed in a much loved vaping flavour.

In fourth position, in the 2020 electronic cigarette concentrated flavours ranking, we find the timeless Bluesky, the freshest and most popular blend of our catalog of premium flavours.

Due to its particular composition, which leaves a feeling of freshness on the palate even after having stopped vaping, the Bluesky flavour has been widely purchased throughout the year, mostly during warmer months.

Adding this flavour to your e-cigarette liquids means start watching the snowy mountains of the Alps thanks to the imagination and being enveloped in an inebriating scent of pine, wet soil, a hint of vanilla and the freshness of peppermint.

If you are looking for a sweet and fresh taste, not too sweet and suitable for all situations, we suggest you to order the Bluesky flavour on Terpy: it will make your vaping particularly pleasant at any time of the year.

Flavor bluesky is a fresh, vaporous taste, much loved

5) Red jam flavour: the scents of spring trips.

In this ranking of vaping aromas 2020, in fifth place we find Red Jam, the king of fruity flavours, with the fantastic scent of strawberry jam.

This e-liquid flavour never disappoints those looking for the scent of homemade fruit compotes and its scents enhance the desire for days outdoors, while enjoying a simple snack made of bread and jam.

Not surprisingly, the Red Jam flavour has always been purchased in large quantities, especially in the spring.

However, this year in particular, due to the quarantine, it was an even more requested product to enrich travel with the imagination, while we were forced to stay at home during sunny days.

Buy the flavour that inspires you the most on Terpy.

As you can see, our 2020 ranking mainly features classic flavours, which never go out of fashion, perhaps because simplicity is always the winning weapon.

But remember that in the Terpy.shop store, you can choose many other variants of electronic cigarette flavours, among the categories of bakery, tobacco, fruity and premium flavours.

If you love more particular flavours, you can opt for premium flavours, if you are addicted to sweet and vanilla flavours, the bakery flavours category will certainly be your favorite, but the fruity flavours section will also pleasantly surprise you.

Instead, the category of tobacco flavours is the most suitable for those who have switched to the electronic cigarette to abandon classic cigarettes.

Enter the Terpy.shop store today and the choice is yours!