Electronic cigarette CBD liquid: opinions and reviews from those who use it

Electronic cigarette CBD liquid

Modified on: 06/12/2022

CBD Vaporizing Liquids Notice

The electronic cigarette has now become the alternative par excellence to the classic cigarette. Normally those who use e-cigarettes are the smokers who want to decrease nicotine addiction. There are vapers that in fact start from e liquid containing high doses of liquide nicotine, and then slowly drop towards those ones without the alkaloid substance.

Of course, in a cigarette it is not only nicotine that causes serious damage to health, unfortunately the aspiration of the smoker creates a combustion of the paper that surrounds the tobacco, which is made up of highly toxic substances, and they are more dangerous when burning.

The e-cigarette, on the other hand, does not burn any paper but through an electronic mechanism vaporizes the substances inside, creating a cloud of water vapor and e cig liquid.

The e cigarette liquid on the market are numerous and varied, in fact they can contain different percentages of liquid nicotine, not contain them at all, have the taste of tobacco, vanilla, strawberry and so on.

CBD liquid electronic cigarette opinions

However, it is true that there is a percentage of vapers who have never smoked traditional cigarettes, cigars or pipes and those who, out of pure curiosity, wanted to approach this world, starting to buy and use different products.

Among the novelties introduced on the market, the cannabidiol liquids (CBD) stand out, which seem to have been appreciated by a lot of vapers. On our site you can find liquids for electronic cigarettes and a highly sought-after quality of products.

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CBD liquids: effects and vapers’ opinions CBD

When consuming an e liquid base with CBD, there may be more or less high concentrations of cannabidiol inside it, while those of tetrahydrocannabinol must be minimal, to ensure the absence of psychoactive effects on consumers and also its legality.

Not being a psychotropic, the cbd would seem to be consumable in serenity and it seems to have several positive characteristics, recognized at a medical and scientific level even if not all studies regarding to CBD have ended. Let’s see which ones:

  • Antispasmodics;
  • Anticonvulsants;
  • Useful to counteract states of stress or depression;
  • Anti inflammatory;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Antiepileptic;
  • Analgesic.

Furthermore, it would seem that the only side effect ascertained is that the intake of CBD leads to drowsiness, like other medicines found in pharmacies (for example antihistamines or cortisone drugs).

But what best can attest to the experience of vaping with a CBD vape liquid, is undoubtedly the opinion of the consumer. For this reason, we have tried to make a “market analysis” on the reviews issued by consumers and on this type of product.

In fact, it is possible to find numerous online testimonials from people who have started to use CBD liquid, hoping, for example, to relieve mild and moderate disorders. Here some anonymous comments in order to respect people’s privacy:

  • “I feel less anxious and I have seen that the skin is less dry”
  • “I feel less rigid muscles and it seems to me that my shoulder hurts less”
  • “With systematic use in the evening after dinner it helps a little for chronic pain like hernias in the back”
  • “I have been sleeping better lately, but how can I be sure that CBD is responsible for these improvements?”

Obviously these are opinions deriving from different products and different doses of CBD, an active ingredient derived from cannabis plants certainly not a drug, for this reason it is natural that the reviews are very different from each other.

Then there are those users who decide to try the product out of pure curiosity, as an alternative to tobacco or for many different reasons:

  • “I was overwhelmed by an irrepressible desire to return to the sensations of adolescence …”
  • “Before going to bed they help to sleep well.”
  • “It is a very bland thing, like taking valerian, it helps but it is not so obvious.”

In fact, the doses of CBD present in e cig liquid are usually moderate. In addition, the situation regarding the mode of consumption has not yet been clarified in Italy, even if the sale of CBD vape liquids is not expressly prohibited and for this there is a vast assortment in our shop where you will find an excellent selection of liquids with terpenes of the cannabis!

Finally there are that circle of people who want to try the product because they are regular cannabis sativa users, and who release reviews or comments on the flavor and quality of the e cigarette liquid. Some believe that the flavor is not similar to the original plant, others are fully satisfied with it:

  • “I tried one with a too sweet aftertaste”
  • “I liked it, but it certainly doesn’t have the exact same taste as the legal one normally smoked”

Terpy has always been engaged in the search for new aromas or that faithfully reproduced, for example, the taste of tobacco: on the site there are tobacco, creamy and fruity liquids with nicotine and without it.

A highly subjective component should be taken into consideration when reading the vapers’ web reviews. The opinions expressed on the products you buy, including liquids with or without CBD, are obviously the free expression of your ideas.

Generally speaking, we noticed a good percentage of people who were satisfied with the purchase, because they were able to find an efficacy in the treatment of physical ailments, or because they can simply appreciate the flavor and quality of the vape.

We at Terpy guarantee the best of the liquids on the market and invite readers to visit our shop to know more.

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Scientific opinions about CBD

cbd vape for electronic cigarette

It is not something new that in recent years, many international medical researches have shown the curative efficacy of cannabidiol, both in the form of direct extract from cannabis sativa and as a concentrate.

It is a must to say that in the reactions to CBD there is no single answer. Much depends on how a person’s body reacts to the substance, something that obviously can apply to anything from the herbal product to the administration of drug therapies.

But what is interesting to note is how some drugs on the market contain small levels of CBD.

The same WHO (World Health Organization) published a study that attested the non-dangerous nature of cannabidiol and that the latter could not be considered as an astounding substance, but in Italy a definitive opinion has not yet been expressed, unlike many others European countries.