Are e-liquids with CBD allowed on the airplane? This is what you need to know about it

e liquids with CBD allowed on the airplane

Modified on: 06/12/2022

CBD e-liquid in airplane: everything you need to know about it

When traveling, especially if we take an airplane, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules governing the embarkation of objects and luggages. The rules depend on the chosen flight partner and on the departure and destination place also. It’s very important to be careful with some products, such as e liquid, light marijuana and CBD.

The major restrictions concern hand luggage, which cannot contain sharp objects, flammable or toxic substances and liquids that exceed the quantities indicated by the company. E cig Liquid (vaping liquids too) must be contained in bottles of maximum 100 ml, and placed in transparent bags.

Therefore, two questions arise spontaneously: are e cigarette liquid allowed on the airplane? What about e-cigs containing CBD?

Generally, electronic cigarettes are allowed on scheduled flights, but about transport of refills containing cannabidiol (CBD) it is necessary to clarify.

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Traveling by plane with CBD liquids

cbd e liquids on airplane

It is good to know that taking a national or international flight could attract unpleasant controls.

It does not mean it is not allowed to transport it, or that there is a risk of being arrested with legal consequences, but, of course, travelers must be careful and pay attention to the different laws of the departure and arrival countries.

If we decide to reach a destination by plane and we want to bring an e liquid containing CBD, it is good to know that there are countries that are much more tolerant than others regarding the possession of similar substances.

CBD is a substance without psychoactive properties, (that are not legal properties). The presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into cannabis causes that the legal status of hemp sativa has a lot of different and sometimes controversial positions throughout the world.

THC is in fact the psychoactive substance, contained in the hemp plant in variable quantities, which causes the alteration of the psycho-physical state of the person, and that’s the reason why its use is illegal. In our e-shop section, you can find different e cig liquids and compare our liquids and the many legal cannabis terpenes, allowed to be on sale.

International flights and regulations on the transport of CBD liquids

As is well known, in recent years, the airport and every transport security levels have undergone severe changes and limitations, due to the tragic events that occurred on September 2001 (attack on the Twin Towers).

The US Department of Transportation has consequently established the Transportation Security Administration section, known by the acronym TSA, a government agency created to optimize the control of airport environments.

After the US, numerous states have tightened up the controls relating to all flight lines.

The Tsa in 2019 has decided to consider as illegal the possession of cannabis sativa, but in many countries the question is still not clear.

The American law presents idiosyncrasies about it: industrial hemp and CBD were considered legal with the agricultural system of 2018. Actually were considered legal only products containing CBD and not those containing thc.

Anyway, about the e-cig with CBD liquid, we can say that nothing definitive and clear has ever been established.

Obviously the administration for the safety of means of transport has the priority to detect and eliminate potential threats to crews and passengers. This is certainly not the case of a cannabidiol e cigarette liquid. Security focuses on sidearms, firearms and chemical weapons.

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The precautions for traveling peacefully with a CBD vape liquid

regulations on the transport of CBD e cig liquids

Theoretically, it is possible to carry electronic cigarettes on scheduled flights, even in your hand luggage, because the parts that compose it are not considered dangerous for the safety of passengers and crew.

After checking in, it is still a good idea to present the vaporizer to customs controls, like any electronic device.

About refills of the liquid of e-cigarettes, if they do not exceed the indicated quantity, there is no risk or problem.

If the refill has a CBD base, it is better to keep it sealed in the original packaging, in this way you should not be subject to airport security checks and so be able to travel in tranquility.

It is also possible to make a different and safer choice: some e-cig liquid companies give you the opportunity to purchase products online and have them delivered where you prefer, indicating a precise address.