Dyes for electronic cigarette liquids: are they safe?

Are e-cigarette liquid dyes safe?

Published on: 22/06/2022

Additives to colour e-liquids between myths and health risks

The eye wants its share, too.

Think of all the times you have eaten an unappetising-looking food: maybe it tasted great, but you couldn’t enjoy it as much as you would have liked, right?

Similar situations also occur in the world of vaping. There are some transparent e-cigarette liquids with a great taste, but the lack of colour means many vapers find them unsatisfactory. Conversely, some mediocre-tasting e-liquids are successful because of their attractive colour note.

That is why there is growing interest in additives to give your electronic cigarette liquids an extra touch of colour.

If you, too, are interested in these products, before you buy them, read the following article in which I will explain whether they work and what the risks are of using them.

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Dyes for e-liquids: do they work? Watch out for hoaxes!

OK, the title of this paragraph might seem strange to you: why ask yourself whether e-liquid dyes work? Of course, they work. They are specifically designed to change the colour note of a liquid.

Before answering this question, it is necessary to clarify another point: who wants to use these products? Do they want to change the e-cigarette liquids’ colour or the vapour exhaled while vaping?

You should know that younger people have a growing belief that certain additives can add colour nuances to e-cig ‘smoke’. In other words, some believe that simply mixing an e-liquid with dyes is enough to produce green, red, blue and other vapours.

The truth is that this myth is a colossal hoax. Perhaps it came about because of some advertising images packaged to emphasise how ‘cool’ vaping is. If you have been a long-time vaper, you might have seen some of these commercials yourself: they usually depict a young person (sometimes a well-known VIP) enjoying his free time with his electronic cigarette, exhaling beautiful coloured clouds.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Too bad these special effects are achieved using ‘fluorescent’ lights.

In short, e-liquid dyes do not affect the vapour of electronic cigarettes.

Colourful vapour clouds

The danger of oil-based additives

Now that we have debunked the ‘coloured vapour‘ hoax let us look at the use of additives to change the colour note of the liquid.

The colour of the product you put into your atomiser shouldn’t be that important, should it? What matters is how it tastes.

However, some vapers do not find clear e-cigarette liquids‘ aroma entirely satisfactory. Amazing how a factor that at first glance seems insignificant can affect the psyche and alter taste perceptions, isn’t it? For this reason, there is widespread interest in colour additives.

If you are also considering using these products, think twice before doing so: don’t forget that the stuff will end up in your lungs and pose a severe danger to your health. If you can’t give up your intention, carefully check the composition of the additives you come across and avoid the oil-based ones: they could cost you your life!

To explain me better, I will briefly summarise a story that happened in the US in 2019. You may remember the panic triggered by the deaths of several young American vapers that started a kind of ‘witch hunt’ against e-liquid companies.

After thorough investigations, it was discovered that the real cause of the deaths had been vitamin E acetate, an oily substance found in the liquids used by the deceased youngsters.

In short, if you buy colour additives to add to your e-liquids, make sure they are water-based and do not contain potentially harmful substances to your health.

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In conclusion

As I explained to you, using additives to change e-cigarette liquids’ colour can be a health hazard, especially when they are oil-based substances. Avoid these products and be satisfied with the natural colour notes of e-liquids.

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