Is the electronic cigarette hot and burning your lips? Here’s what to do.

Is the electronic cigarette hot and burning your lips?

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Your vaping device tends to get too hot, and you are looking for a remedy? Here are the main causes and solutions

When using an electronic cigarette, some components may become hotter than they should be, and there are many causes for this.

In some cases, the excessive heat is only due to incorrect use of the device. In other cases, parts need to be replaced.

Read on to find out why your e-cigarette is hot and how you can get back to vaping without any problems.

Here is everything you need to know on the subject.

Does the electronic cigarette overheat? The main causes.

If you have noticed that your e-cigarette tends to heat up when you are using it, it is essential to understand how much before you think the worst.

A little heat is expected because, to vaporize e-cigarette liquids, an atomizer containing a heating element is used.

If, for example, you have switched from using an NR (Normal Resistance) atomizer to an LR (Low Resistance) atomizer and have noticed that it heats up more, everything is normal.

However, it is different if the overheating has occurred out of nowhere and the electronic cigarette is hot.

Let us look at some leading causes of this phenomenon.

Guy who doesn't know whether to vape because the electronic cigarette is hot

The e-cigarette overheats because you vape too quickly

Sometimes e-cigarettes get too hot because they are misused.

More precisely, the components of an e-cig get hot when you vape very fast and for a long time.

If you think this is the case, try to vape more slowly and take a more extended break between puffs. In addition, it would be good to take a maximum of five or six breaths at a time and not use the e-cigarette for an hour at a time.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to vape comfortably without your vaping device becoming hot (unless the problem is something else).

The atomizer of the electronic cigarette should be replaced

Suppose your e-cigarette reaches too high a temperature while you are using it, and you have also noticed that the aromas of your vape liquids have become unpleasant, or you have a burnt taste. In that case, the issue lies in the atomizer.

You will probably only have to change the coil in it, which tends to burn after a while and create anomalies in the heating process of the liquid, but if the problem persists, you will have to replace the whole atomizer.

The temperature of the device is set incorrectly

If you have noticed that your e-cigarette becomes very hot and that the vaporized liquids are also too hot, it is likely that you have set the wrong vaping temperature or have forgotten to adjust it.

Kindly note that it is usually better to vape at a temperature of about 10 or 15% higher than the boiling temperature of the liquids (which is generally around 200/210 °C).

Depending on the composition of the e-liquid base you are using, there may be variables, but let’s say that the important thing is not to go over 240 °C.

If your e-cigarette has TC mode (temperature control) functions, then make the change and start vaping without the risk of burning yourself!

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Does the electronic cigarette burn your lips? Try replacing the drip tip!

Occasionally, it is simply the wrong drip tip that causes a burning sensation on the lips while vaping.

The drip tip is the nozzle from which the vapour produced by the e-cigarette is drawn.

There are many types and materials on the market: some do not heat up at all, others become lukewarm, and still, others get too hot.

If your nozzle gets too hot, it is probably made of metal materials.

Steel, aluminium, or other types of metals used to make e-cigarette nozzles are excellent conductors of heat, so they can become hot as the vapour passes through them.

But metals are not the only materials that cause this problem—certain types of plastics also heat up excessively.

Boy vaping with a plastic drip tip

So if you want to avoid burning your lips while vaping, you should try fitting your e-cigarette with a tip made of slightly more insulating material.

Good choices are resin drip tips (such as Delrin), ceramic drip tips (although they are fragile) or wooden drip tips, all of which do not get very hot.

Alternatively, you could try fitting your e-cigarette with a long nozzle, a type of drip tip that extends its travel so that the vapour reaches your lips only after it has cooled down a little.

Please note, however, that long nozzles tend to create a little condensation, which is why the solutions mentioned above are the ones most vapers prefer.

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To conclude

In this short article, we have discussed the main factors that can cause e-cigarettes to overheat and provided you with solutions.

We hope that this information will help you to improve your vaping experience. We also invite you to visit our Terpy e-shop.

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