Can e-cigarette smoke be inhaled? Yes, but you need to understand the know-how

Can e-cigarette smoke be inhaled?

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Are you curious to know whether you inhale the vapour when you vape with an e-cigarette, or whether it comes out on its own? Here’s how

Suppose you have never tried an electronic cigarette before. In that case, it is only natural that you should be curious to know whether the vapour emitted by vaping devices should be inhaled (like the smoke from an analogue cigarette) or whether it is sufficient to click a button to make it come out.

Yes, you can inhale the ‘smoke’ from an electronic cigarette, but it varies depending on the type of device you have at hand.

In this article, you will satisfy all your curiosities as we will explain how to smoke an electronic cigarette (or rather, how to vape it) and what the main variables are on the subject.

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How do you smoke an electronic cigarette? Main differences from an analogue cigarette

Although smoking a classic cigarette and vaping with an e-cigarette (because that is the correct term when talking about e-cigs) may seem to be the same, they imply some differences.

First, classic cigarettes are lit with a flame, which because of this, has to be brought close to the end of the cigarette (generally lighters or matches are used) and accompanied by a few sharp inhales.

The e-cigarette, on the other hand, is not held in the mouth when it is lit, and in most cases, is lit by pressing the button five times.

Now let’s get straight to the point and find out how an e-cigarette is inhaled and the differences with analogue cigarettes.

Let’s say that, in general, smoking a traditional cigarette implies a reasonably fast draw, whereas when you vape, the draw is usually slower. With most e-cigarettes, it is also necessary to press a button while inhaling. Otherwise, the vapour will not come out.

Apart from this, the timing also changes. Whereas smokers of classic blondes typically inhale the smoke until the end of the cigarette, vapers tend to take about four or five puffs and then put the device aside.

If you wonder why, there are several reasons.

First, vaping to the point of the total consumption of vape liquids would be harmful (the contents of the tank of an e-cigarette are equivalent to many cigarettes). Secondly, the sensation of vapour in the mouth is a little different to that of smoking and let’s say that you feel ‘satisfied’ more quickly with vaping.

Having clarified that the smoke from an electronic cigarette is inhaled differently than from a traditional cigarette, you are now probably curious to find out more about how to vape. In the introduction, we talked about the differences depending on the device you have at hand.

Well, we’ll tell you about that in the next paragraph.

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How to vape: from the cheek or the lungs

Whether you have a cheek e-cigarette or a lung e-cigarette, you inhale the e-cigarette vapour very differently when using it.

Cheek vaping is much more similar to the way you smoke an analogue cigarette, lung vaping, on the other hand, is quite different.

Let’s get into the details.

Electronic cigarettes with large tanks

— How to vape with a cheek e-cigarette

Cheek vaping takes place in three stages: you inhale the vapour by squeezing your cheeks—like drinking a milkshake through a straw —, after holding it in your mouth for a while, you inhale to bring the vapour into your lungs, and finally, you exhale.

This style of vaping is the most natural: when you try an e-cigarette in this category, you will realise that there is no need to follow any specific instructions.

— How to vape with a lung e-cigarette

Lung vaping only takes place in two steps: You inhale the vapour from the e-cigarette sharply—like when you have to fill up with air before diving underwater—to get it directly into your lungs, and when you exhale.

This type of puff, or intake, is not recommended for beginners, as it is more complicated and a little too ‘strong’ for the first few times.

In addition to the method of vapour intake, the two vaping methods mentioned above also differ in terms of the amount of vapour produced and the yield of vaping aromas.

Lung vaping generates voluminous and dense vapour clouds but penalises the aromatic yield. In contrast, cheek vaping generates much smaller vapour clouds, similar to those of analogue cigarette smoke, but enhances the aromas in the e-liquid base.

If you are about to enter the world of vaping, we recommend that you initially opt for cheek vaping and only after you have gained a little experience, if you wish, can you switch to lung vaping.

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As we have seen, the vapour produced by e-cigarettes is inhaled differently from that of analogue cigarettes. The way it is inhaled also varies depending on the e-cigarette you have.

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