Does the electronic cigarette yellow your teeth? Here’s the truth

E-cigarettes don't yellow your teeth

Modified on: 16/05/2022

Let’s find out if using e-cigarettes can promote yellowing of the teeth or not

It has long been known that smoking an analogue cigarette causes yellowing teeth due to the tar and other substances it contains.

However, many users are curious whether using an electronic cigarette can also cause the same problem.

Does an electronic cigarette also turn teeth yellow? Or does vaping allow you to keep your smile bright and white?

Here’s all the clarification you need.

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Do electronic cigarettes yellow your teeth? Here’s the answer

To find out whether electronic cigarettes, like analogue cigarettes, can cause yellowing of the teeth, we need to start from the beginning.

Classic tobacco cigarettes have to be lit with a lighter to be smoked.

It means that the tobacco undergoes the process of combustion. This mechanism causes the formation of tar and other harmful substances, which can attach themselves to the surfaces they come into contact with, including the teeth.

These substances also promote the formation of tartar, which makes the surface of teeth rougher and thus more prone to the accumulation of pigments generated by burnt tobacco.

The vapour of e-cigarettes, on the other hand, does not involve any combustion but is produced simply by heating vape liquids using a heating element connected to a battery.

It means that neither tar nor any other harmful substances that tend to cause tooth yellowing are present in the vapour produced by e-cigarettes.

So, as you can imagine, e-cigarettes can be considered to be, to all intents and purposes, non-staining cigarettes. First, however, it should be made clear that many studies are underway.

Let’s look at the results of one of the most significant ones, carried out in the UK.

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Effects of cigarettes on teeth: results of a study

In the December issue of the medical journal Medicine, the results of a study were published in 2016. The study aimed to find out what effects electronic cigarettes can have on teeth.

What did the study reveal?

Is the electronic cigarette bad for your teeth, and does it cause yellowing?

Researchers from the Institute of Technological Research at the Marrelli Hospital and the Calabrodental Clinic in Crotone, together with researchers from the University of Bari and led by Dr Marco Tatullo, observed a sample of 110 former smokers who had switched to electronic cigarettes for four months.

These individuals were asked to maintain their usual oral hygiene routine and to continue to avoid smoking traditional cigarettes for the duration of the study.

To monitor the oral health of each ex-smoker, a check-up was scheduled at the beginning of the four months, one after two months and one at four months.

What emerged from these checks was that after four months of vaping, both plaque formation and stain formation had decreased significantly.

It means that e-cigarettes do not yellow the teeth and improve the health of the entire oral cavity!

In addition to the reduction in yellowing of teeth, some new users also experienced a significant improvement in other problems, such as gum bleeding and, in general, almost all of them experienced an improvement in the perception of taste and smell, as well as respiratory benefits.

Vaper girl with beautiful white teeth

Are there any cases in which vaping liquids could stain teeth?

Having clarified that vaping should generally not cause teeth yellowing, many users wonder whether this applies to using any product.

Although the data so far are very encouraging, there is still little scientific research on the subject, and it cannot be ruled out that some vaping liquids or flavourings may tend to stain teeth over time.

In particular, organic flavourings have been scrutinised, which is considered excellent regarding taste and flavour but are much criticised for excessively soiling e-cigarette resistance.

It is thought that some of these flavourings could also cause yellowing of the teeth, but if you buy quality products, this is very rare.

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As we have seen, electronic cigarettes improve health in general due to the absence of tar and many other harmful substances. Moreover, it does not cause yellow teeth compared to analogue cigarettes.

Of course, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you must only use high-quality electronic cigarette liquids. It is because, in poor quality liquids or those of organic origin, it is not excluded that vape flavourings containing naturally coloured substances may be added.

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