Electronic cigarette liquid with nicotine: how to use it if you want to quit smoking

Electronic cigarette liquid with nicotine how to use it if you want to quit smoking

Modified on: 29/05/2024

Do you want to stop smoking? Here’s how to do it with an electronic cigarette liquid with nicotine

One of the most effective helps for people who want to quit smoking are electronic cigarette and e liquids with nicotine UK. In fact, thanks to the use of e-cigarettes you could eliminate the addiction to analog cigarettes: you can quit smoking thanks to vaping liquids … And it would be really beneficial for you!

You would reduce very serious damage to the respiratory system caused by the combustion of tobacco and at the same time you could satisfy your nicotine needs without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

To reach your goals, you shouldn’t leave everything to chance, but adopt a perfect strategy. Therefore,what to do to quit smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette? Here are 5 tips for an excellent result.

Are there any risks associated with other e-liquid ingredients?

1) Initially use relatively high amounts of nicotine for your e-cigarette liquids

If you intend to quit smoking the analog cigarette with the help of an electronic cigarette, it is important to consider that the absorption of nicotine by vaping is much slower and lesser than absorption by traditional cigarette. The reason is simple: the manufacturers of classic cigarettes treat tobacco with additives to accelerate the assimilation of nicotine.

When buying your ready-made e cig liquid with nicotine you should start with high amounts of this substance. For example, you could start with 3 mg / ml per lung shot and 12 or 18 mg / ml per cheek shot. In this way you are sure that you will be able to satisfy your nicotine needs without feeling the desire to smoke the analog cigarette.

But be careful: nicotine will still enter into the body system a few minutes after using your e-cigarette, so we advise you to be patient and try to get used to it without relapsing into smoking.

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2) Buy the same liquid e-cigarette with nicotine in their nicotine-free version

The main reason why we give you this advice is that, if the nicotine percentages you choose are too high, you could mix small doses of the same base liquid ecig without nicotine into the liquid with nicotine UK and lower the hit in the throat.

Of course the taste of the two e-liquids must be the same, otherwise you could greatly compromise your vaping experience and (perhaps) you would end up throwing the product away.

There is also a second reason why you should buy e liquid for electronic cigarette without nicotine: you could gradually lower the percentages of this substance, until the addiction is completely eliminated

3) Progressively decrease the amount of nicotine in your vaping liquids

Is your goal not only to quit smoking classic cigarettes but also to defeat nicotine addiction once and for all?

Then you should gradually reduce the percentages of this substance, choosing every time a liquid with lower percentages of nicotine of the previous liquid. For example you can start with an e-liquid with nicotine 18 and then move on to an e-liquid with nicotine 12, then buy a liquid with 9 mg / ml of nicotine and so on.

Alternatively, when the hit in the throat (HIT) given by nicotine is too high, you can use the same product but in its nicotine-free version to dilute the liquid that has this substance.

However, the most convenient method is certainly to buy, from time to time, vaping liquids with lower nicotine percentages than those of the e liquid you are using at that time.

But what if the desire for a cigarette is too high? How can I calm it down?

Proportions of e-liquids

4) Always keep at least one liquid vape with high percentages of nicotine in stock

We know how pounding the desire for an analog cigarette can be. But this urgent desire is given precisely by the need to take nicotine. For this reason we recommend that you always keep e cigarette nicotine liquid even when you have completely eliminated this substance from your life, or to keep one with high amounts of nicotine when you are gradually lowering the dosage.

In this way you will avoid smoking a classic cigarette and falling back into the dreaded vicious circle. Remember that a cigarette is enough to blow everything you’ve built since you started using electronics, so hold on!

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5) Beware of non-certified e cigarette liquids with nicotine

Always choose the best ready-made liquids for electronic cigarettes, avoiding those that are not certified, of dubious origin and liquids made on the spot by a shopkeeper of vape products.

Yes: it is not uncommon for retailers to create a product in physical stores at the moment by mixing e liquid base for electronic cigarettes, vape flavours and liquid nicotine: this is absolutely prohibited by law. In UK, and throughout Europe, you can only purchase ready-made e cig liquid, decomposed liquids or separate products (e liquid base + e cig flavours + liquid nicotine).

Furthermore, in order to comply with the law, the maximum amount of nicotine allowed in vaping liquids and nicotine bases is 20 mg / ml. So beware of those who want to sell you products with nicotine quantities higher than 20 mg / ml as they would be non-compliant products and obviously not certified (as well as potentially harmful to your body).

Now that you know everything about how to quit smoking with the electronic cigarette, would you like to buy your liquids with nicotine? If you love the tobacco flavour and you cannot abandon it, we recommend you to purchase an e cig liquid with tobacco-flavored nicotine (click here: tobacco flavour e liquid), otherwise you can try many flavours, such as fruity liquids, creamy liquids and special liquids.

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