E-cigarette base liquid: 3 risks that nobody tell you about DIY methods

E-cigarette base liquid: 3 risks that nobody tell you about DIY methods

Modified on: 13/05/2022

DIY electronic cigarette base liquid? Here are the risks

Are you looking for DIY methods for the e liquid base, also called a neutral base? As you may know, the e liquid base is what makes up the vaping liquids together with the electronic cigarette flavours and possibly liquid nicotine.

Specifically, the base liquid ecig is made with vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) with different proportions according to the needs of the vaper. There are ready-made bases on the market, such as our e liquid base, but some people prefer to make them at home, perhaps without any knowledge of doses and everything that should make up excellent electronic e cigarette liquid.

The risks of doing it yourself exist, and today we want to talk to you about these. Let’s see below, what could happen if you choose to make a DIY electronic cigarette liquid base.

E-cigarette base liquid: 3 risks that nobody tell you about DIY methods

1) DIY e liquid base and buying poor quality products

One of the biggest risks for vapers who improvise a homemade e-liquid base is to buy non-compliant raw materials. Unfortunately, there are many shops that sell low-priced propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin of poor quality, telling consumers that there is no difference between these and the more expensive ones.

In reality this is not the case, as the price is justified by certifications, quality controls and tests that make the raw materials perfect for vaping. Of course, these procedures are very expensive for those who develop glycol and glycerol, but only in this way is it possible to make products that are 100% safe for those who use them.

A vape shop, like Terpy, knows very well which suppliers to turn to and which to avoid to ensure consumer safety, but how could a vaper (perhaps a novice) have this knowledge? He/She would risk buying poor quality products and making an unsafe and non-standard e cig liquid.

Considering that e-cigarette liquids with nicotine and without nicotine are inhaled, and therefore are absorbed by our body, it is necessary to be very careful about what you buy and avoid doing it yourself as much as possible. And then the ready-made bases are so comfortable!

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2) Do-it-yourself e-cigarette liquids and balance of ingredients

The e liquid bases and e liquid flavours for e-cigarettes online are ready for vaping, have perfectly balanced ingredients and the retailers even allow you to choose the PG / VG ratio before buying.

We cannot say the same thing if it is a question of making diy e liquid for electronic cigarette starting from raw materials, i.e. buying propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) separately (to which vaping flavours and possibly nicotine bases are then added) . Although it may be interesting the diy e liquid made in this way may not be optimal due to the proportions between the raw materials.

For this reason we can recommend two solutions:

  • 1.If you like DIY, buy a ready-made neutral base (such as a 250 ml, 500 ml or 1 liter e-liquid base), the flavours for electronic cigarettes and any nicotine bases. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and that’s it!
  • 2.Buy ready-to-use vape liquid with nicotine and, slowly, start experimenting with DIY as per point 1.

If you started from decomposed raw materials you could make unsatisfactory e cigarette liquid and worsen your vaping experience.

E-cigarette base liquid: 3 risks that nobody tell you about DIY methods 2

3) Do it yourself vaping liquids? Beware of nicotine!

If you are switching from analog to e-cigarettes, you definitely want e cigarette nicotine liquid. Also in this case, pay attention to the DIY and the products purchased!

Nicotine must never be pure: in UK selling it is absolutely forbidden as it is a very dangerous harmful product. The risk of poisoning would in fact be very high if the nicotine were not dissolved in water or propylene glycol.

It is also important to carefully consider the percentages of liquid nicotine to add to the neutral base: in this regard, we recommend that you start with small amounts to increase if they are insufficient for your needs.

However, the goal of the vaper is usually to keep the amount of nicotine unchanged or, even better, to gradually lower it until it is canceled, so do not overdo it and, above all, buy only safe and certified products, such as nicotine bases on Terpy.

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In conclusion

It must be said: when talking about electronic cigarette products, the risks of doing it yourself are there, especially when talking about buying propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, yet to be joined together.

For this reason, if you want to make liquids yourself, we recommend that you buy the ready-made electronic cigarette liquid base, with the PG / VG ratio you want, quality vaping aromas and any nicotine base liquid uk and then mix them together simply by shaking. Then don’t wait any longer! Buy the best vape products on Terpy now!