Cleaning the E-Cig atomizer: tips for perfect cleaning

Cleaning the E-Cig atomizer: tips for perfect cleaning

Modified on: 06/12/2022

How to best clean the atomizer of your electronic cigarette.

A clean electronic cigarette is essential both for hygiene reasons and for obtaining optimal performance. Although the ingredients of the vaping liquids (Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, possibly liquid nicotine and electronic cigarette flavors) usually do not stain the components of the device, you must consider that it is possible to accumulate residues into the e-cig.

The liquid, in particular the Vegetable Glycerin contained in it, retains the dirt inside the drip tip: the risk is to vape not only the atomized liquid but also dust and bacteria accumulated during many times! Furthermore, the drip tip comes in contact with the lips, saliva and even with dust and dirt.

On sale you can find silicone protectors similar to caps to protect the mouthpiece, but, anyway, we recommend that you wash the device at least once a day. A little hot water, soap and a cotton swab will help you to clean the internal parts and that’s it.

The situation is different to clean the atomizer of the electronic cigarette; in this case, an accurate distinction must be made between regenerable and non-regenerable atomizers.

Cleaning the E-Cig atomizer: tips for perfect cleaning

Cleaning of the non-regenerable atomizer.

If you have a non-regenerable atomizer you must replace the exhausted coil and wash the atomizer well (about once every 7 days or a little more).

Doing it is very simple: just wash with running water, – preferably at high temperatures – removing the dirt with a toothbrush.

Dry with absorbent paper or a clean cloth and use the atomizer only at the end of the operation, when it is completely dry. If you have time, you can also let it dry out in the open air.

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How to clean a regenerable atomizer.

If you have a regenerable atomizer you can clean it every time you change the cotton, less times when using extracted flavours and more frequently when using tobacco macerated flavours.

In the case of a regenerable, you have to remove the cotton and wash the resistance with running water (also in this case hot water) possibly with the support of a toothbrush or other tool. Clean all parts of the atomizer well: it is necessary to wash the tank – the liquid container – of the electronic cigarette, the bell etc.

Dry well, put the cotton back, reassemble all the parts.

If you want to carry out a most careful and detailed cleaning, recommended every 3 cleanings under running water, you can completely disassemble the atomizer and immerse all of its parts in hot water and bicarbonate / vinegar / lemon. Leave to soak for about half an hour to remove all E-Liquid residues.

Alternatively, if you have or if you want to buy one, you can use the ultrasonic cleaner. This system allows you to clean your atomizer quickly and much more effectively than washing in running water or soaking.

Cleaning the E-Cig atomizer: tips for perfect cleaning 2

How to clean the atomizer with the ultrasonic washing machine

The ultrasonic cleaner for electronic cigarettes is inexpensive (a basic ultrasonic cleaner costs around € 40) and easy to use. You simply have to disassemble the atomizer, insert it into the cleaner and cover each part with distilled water – in order to avoid limestone residues -.

You can optionally add white vinegar or bicarbonate in small quantities.

Once turned on, the ultrasonic washer perfectly sanitizes every single part of your atomizer. During the cleaning processes of the electronic cigarette, however, you must also consider the box bottom feeder and the mechanical tubes, which require different procedures.

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How to clean the box bottom feeder and mechanical tubes

Both pipes and boxes need a periodic cleaning process in order to maintain their efficiency. About the mechanical pipes, you must know that the cleaning operations must be concentrated especiallyl between the threads.

In this regard, it is necessary to use specific products capable of eliminating oxidation: wet a rag with the product and clean the threads well, so that your electronic cigarette works at its best.

Even the boxes need careful cleaning concentrated in particular in the gills: remove the slats and clean them perfectly.

In conclusion

Regular cleaning of the electronic cigarette is necessary due to liquid residues (in particular of VG and vaping flavours) that accumulate inside and also retain dust and dirt.

Sanitizing the atomizer of your E-Cig and other parts is essential both to avoid inhaling dirt, dust and other substances, and to always have an optimal vaping experience. Now that you know how to clean your electronic cigarette would you like to try the best electronic cigarette e liquid ones? Take a look at our Terpy shop now!