How to (effectively) clean the e-cigarette when changing liquid

How to effectively clean the electronic cigarette when changing the liquid

Modified on: 29/05/2024

Do you know how to menage a correct cleaning of your e-cig atomizer? Here’s how to do it (easy explained)

The world of vaping gives its users the opportunity to be able to vape an infinite number of different e-cigarette liquid, characterized by particular flavours, which are best suited to any situation or period.

However, just when you switch from one e-liquid to another, it is very common to feel the taste of the previous one during the first vape (a phenomenon that is called “flavour ghosting“).

How to eliminate this inappropriate mix of tastes?

In this article we want to explain how to clean the electronic cigarette and its removable components, in order to get the best vaping experience possible.

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Electronic cigarette and washable parts: here’s what they are and why you should take care of them

Cleaning the electronic cigarette is a topic that is often underestimated, but that actually not everyone knows perfectly and can significantly affect the vaping experience.

If you are wondering how to eliminate the taste of vaping liquids that you have previously used in your e-cigarette, before refilling it with what you currently use, probably the cleaning modalities you have used till now have not been satisfactory.

Our tips on cleaning your e-cig will allow you to vape more pleasantly and will ensure a longer life for your e-cigarette.

In fact, if the atomizer of your electronic cigarette is neglected, in addition to feeling a mix of tastes during the vape, residues of dust and flavours will accumulate and will reduce its heating power, decreasing its performance.

To make these recommendations clear to everyone, it is important to specify that the e-cigarette is a device made up of several components that can be disassembled and washed.

The connector that connects the battery to the atomizer does not tend to come into direct contact with the liquid and if necessary can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then dried with absorbent paper.

The atomizer is the most important part, it includes all the components that come into contact with the liquid and so, it must be perfectly cleansed.

Here’s you have:

  • Drip tip: the part of the e-cigarette from which the vapor is sucked
  • Deck: the base of the atom to which the coil is attached
  • Tank: the tank where the vape liquid is inserted
  • Top cap, glass, screws and other components: everything that is part of the atom

As for the resistance (also called coil), the element that transforms the electric discharge into heat and vaporizes the liquid, it is the only part of the atom that must not be washed, as it is a disposable component.

In fact, the water would be absorbed by the cotton and compromise its correct functioning.

But let’s see in detail what can be the washing methods of the various components and what is needed for effective cleaning.

Electronic cigarette disassembled ready for maintenance | Terpy

Daily maintenance: small tricks that extend the life of your e-cigarette

The most frequent gestures concerning cleaning the electronic cigarette, which you could practice almost every day when changing the liquid, are simple and only require a paper towels.

Here’s what to do:

  • if the liquid inside your e-cigarette is finished, you can disassemble all its components;
  • clean the tank with a piece of paper towel, which will absorb the liquid adhering to the walls without leaving lint;
  • rinse the drip tip with running water;
  • blows into the open side of the atomizer, to let liquid residues escape;
  • insert a rolled piece of paper towel in the same slot, which will absorb the liquid that can be reached;
  • put the atomizer upside down and leave it in this position for a few minutes, in order to let it throw out other small amounts of e-liquid.

After this procedure, you can also rinse the atomizer under running water, and then dry it carefully always with absorbent paper.

Practicing this routine ensures to avoid e-liquid encrustations in your electronic cigarette and it is a good idea to be constant in cleaning, even if you always use the same liquid.

Both the taste of the vape will benefit, as well as the functionality of the atomizer and resistance.

However, every now and then, it is right to dedicate yourself to a deeper cleaning of the e-cigarette and one of the best times to practice it is when you switch from the taste from a kind of e-liquid flavours to others.

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Deep cleaning of the e-cig: methods and tools

The electronic cigarette parts that may periodically need a deeper cleaning, to avoid the taste of the previous liquid from invading the taste of the next one, are mainly the atomizer and the coil (or resistance).

Cleaning these components can raise several doubts, in fact it can be done both manually and with the help of some tools. Let’s see the main ones:

  • Immersion.

    Lots of vapers immerse the atomizer and coil in water, vinegar and bicarbonate, or in food alcohol. These substances eliminate liquid residues, but they must be thoroughly rinsed, to avoid being inhaled when the e-cigarette is activated.
  • Neutral soap or dishwashing detergent.

    For a deep clean, you can use a mild toothbrush and neutral soap or dishwashing detergent. Both products must be removed perfectly, by rinsing with running water, and should not be produced by strong and persistent odors, potentially harmful to humans.
  • Ultrasonic washing machine.

    If you don’t like manual methods, you can opt for the purchase of an ultrasonic washing machine. It is a small device that must be filled with water, in which the electronic cigarette components must be immersed to be washed.
  • Microwave.

    Another tool used (but unsafe!) for cleaning the components of the e-cigarette is the microwave, by immersing the parts of the atomizer in a glass full of water. However, we strongly advise against this technique to avoid any problems related to the insertion of metal parts inside the oven.

Whichever method you decide to use, it is important that before reassembling the electronic parts of the e-cigarette, you make sure that they are dried to perfection.

This foresight will avoid unpleasant failure of your vaping device.

The deep cleaning of the electronic cigarette with tools and methods

Final consideration about cleaning the atomizer

By following these tips on washing the electronic cigarette, you will be able to eliminate the residues of e-liquid from your atomizer and you can easily switch from bakery e liquid to fruity e liquid without the taste of the previous one interfering with the next one.

Obviously, to be able to do it in an excellent way, you must take care to replace the resistance, since the cotton of the same would in any case remain impregnated with the previous liquid for the first vape. In this sense, we suggest you to use an unique atomizer to a certain category of vaping e liquids, in order to avoid excessive aromatic gaps.

Now that you have everything you need for the correct cleaning of your e-cig, buy the best e-cigarette in order to vape liquid with nicotine or without it on Terpy!