Best electronic cigarette for vaping e-liquid: 3 tips to choose a performing one

Best electronic cigarette for vaping e-liquid: 3 tips to choose a performing one

Modified on: 23/08/2022

Buying guide for the best electronic cigarette for your needs

If you have decided to abandon the analog cigarette, among the questions you could ask yourself there are certainly the following: “What is the best e-cigarette?“, “What are the best e liquid with nicotine UK / without nicotine?” and maybe this one too: “What is the best e liquid base?”.

In our in-depth studies we try to answer in all respects to the questions that a classic cigarette smoker may ask himself during the transition to the electronic cigarette. Today we want to help you to choose the right model for your needs.

Find out, by reading this buying guide, 3 tips to understand which are the best e cigarettes on the market. Warning: it is difficult to find all 3 requirements in a single device, so we will tell you which is the best 2020 e cigarette in every single feature!

At the end of the article, you will surely have a clearer idea of the electronic cigarette that best suits your needs and you will know which model to buy.

Best electronic cigarette for vaping e-liquid

1) Among the best electronic cigarettes there are those that allow you to adjust the voltage

If you are a beginner to vape or if you want to buy a better electronic cigarette model than the one you are using, your choice may fall on the voltage regulation. An e cigarette that allows you to adjust the Watts is very convenient as the vaping experience also depends on the power.

By increasing / decreasing the Watts, you will have a more or less hot steam of greater or lesser intensity. Generally, the higher the voltage, the greater the heat and density of the vapor. Furthermore you will consume more vaping liquids, more battery and the coil, or the resistance, will have a shorter duration.

Therefore, we advise you not to adjust the voltage of your electronic cigarette to the maximum but to look for an average adjustment.

Are you particularly interested in this feature? Then, we recommend two voltage-regulated e-cigarettes, one per cheek shot (MTL) and one per lung shot (flavor):

Lung Shot: The best air shot cigarette that allows you to adjust the voltage is the Eleaf iStick Pico Kit TC Kit 75W. It is one of the latest iStick electronic cigarettes that allows you to adjust the power up to 75W if used in variwatts with the possibility of using the temperature control (TC).

Cheek shot: if you prefer the tight shot, we recommend the Innokin Kroma A, an elegant and very compact e-cig. The power is adjustable up to a maximum of 75W (also usable in TC). Available in numerous colors, so perfect if you are looking for a blue, black, red e-cigarette or available in other variants such as white and purple.

Now let’s see the second feature you might be looking for in the best e-cigarettes!

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2) DNA system, one of the best features that an electronic cigarette can have

The DNA system is one of the best circuits for electronic cigarettes, developed by Evolv, which allows you to keep the delivery of vaping liquids constant and linear (in non-DNA e-cigs the delivery decreases as the e liquid is consumed). In this way your experience will be truly excellent.

Beyond these features, an excellent DNA system features temperature protection, voltage control, digital user controls and many other top features.

At this point you may be wondering “Which e cigarette do you recommend with a DNA circuit?”. It is easy: the best device with a DNA circuit is definitely Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Kit, a beautiful and performing AiO (All in One).

It is a more expensive electronic cigarette than the other proposals in this in-depth analysis, but its price (about 70 euros in kit) is motivated by the presence of the chip and its characteristics, such as automatic recognition of the coils and regulation of the power (you can also save your favorite output thanks to the Replay Function).

Best electronic cigarette for vaping e-liquid 2

3) The best electronic cigarettes allow you to change the atomizer

If you are an inveterate vaper or if the world of vaping intrigues you a lot, you will probably want to try different atomizers or you will search for the one that best suits your preferences and your electronic cigarette e liquid flavours.

The best electronic cigarettes allow you to change the atomizer without necessarily keeping the one purchased in the kit, and among these a remarkable e-cigarette is certainly the ASPIRE – Zelos 2.0 50W.

This excellent electronic cigarette allows you not only to use the atomizer you want, but also to adjust the voltage up to a maximum of 50W and control the temperature. The integrated battery is 2500mAh, which guarantees you an excellent autonomy even with maximum power.

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In conclusion

Today you have been able to read what characteristics the best electronic cigarettes can have, and we want to assure you that those mentioned are not tawdry products, but e-cigarettes tested and appreciated by many vapers!

So come on, you just have to buy one, buy the best vape liquid with nicotine or without nicotine (or create one from scratch with an e liquid base, an e liquid flavours for electronic cigarettes and possibly liquid nicotine) and that’s it! Are you looking for the best products for vaping? Find them on Terpy! Take a look at our catalog right away and buy everything you need for your electronic cigarette!