How to remove the smell of smoke in the house (forever): use the electronic cigarette

To remove the smell of smoke in your home you can use an electronic cigarette

Modified on: 13/01/2023

Looking for a method to say goodbye to the smell of smoke inside the house? Discover the ultimate solution.

If you are a heavy smoker and try to eliminate the smell of smoke from your home but do not know how to get satisfactory results, it will be very useful to read this in-depth analysis.

In the following few lines, we want to talk about the best ally for the scent of your home and your health: the electronic cigarette.

By quitting smoking at home and switching to mating, you can get many benefits. Even looking for guides on removing the smell of smoke in the house will no longer be your problem.

Here is the real solution to having a house free of smoke smell forever.

Boy smoking indoors with open window

Why is it difficult to get rid of the smell of smoke?

It is known that the vice of smoking is very difficult to combat.

When it is also brought within the home, however, in addition to health, the house will also suffer damage, which will be permeated by a smell of acrid and persistent smoke that will not want to know to leave.

But why is the smell of smoke so difficult to defeat?

Why even try the best anti-odor methods, the smell of cigarette reappears?

The answer lies in the substances produced by combustion and, of course, in the volatility of smoke.

When cigarettes are lit assiduously inside the house, the smoke can reach even the most unthinkable areas. The substances that compose it form a sort of patina that is precisely responsible for the bad smell and is often visible to the naked eye.

By spraying detergent into a wall or on a piece of furniture impregnated with smoke, you can see with your eyes that the patina generated by the combustion residues will run away, creating dark drips.

In addition to soaking on walls, furniture, curtains, clothing, books and all other furnishing accessories, smoke can also end up inside the air conditioner or even in the ventilation system of the oven and vacuum cleaner.

It means that to get rid of its stench. First, you will have to provide for a ‘strong’ cleaning of your home and disassemble the components of some appliances. Thereafter, you will also have to say goodbye to the cigarette, or you will find yourself back to the start!

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That’s why the vape is the solution to defeat the smell of smoke

Even if you constantly open the windows, have thoroughly washed every corner of the house, repainted all the walls and used odor-absorbers of all kinds, it is likely that your home still has a slight smoke smell.

Getting rid of the cigarette’s bad smell takes some time, but if you want to get definitive results, you have to say goodbye to the vice of tobacco.

Reading these words, chances are you’re thinking you’ll never be able to quit smoking but, buying the right e-cigarette and choosing the best tobacco liquids with nicotine will be easier than you might think!

It is because you can continue to maintain your habits, perform your usual gestures, and take nicotine. As a result, you will avoid the bad withdrawal crises of those who stop smoking suddenly and, if you love the taste of tobacco, you can continue to savor it with liquids vape.

Girl undecided whether to quit smoking and go vaping

Switching to e-cigarettes means being able to vacate quietly inside the house without compromising its scent.

Vaporized electronic cigarette liquids, in fact, unlike smoke, do not impregnate everywhere, forming an ugly smelly patina, but can be eliminated simply by changing the air in the rooms.

It is because, when you lay down, the combustion process and the substances produced by it are absent. Vaping liquids are composed of a mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, vaping flavors and liquid nicotine and, to be vaporized, they are not burned but heated.

In short, the electronic cigarette could be the definitive solution that allows you not to give up your habits, to do good to your health and to solve once and for all the problems of the bad smell of smoke in the rooms of your home!

Switching to the vape means eliminating the expenses to buy deodorants of all kinds, anti-odor devices and many other remedies because you will no longer need them!

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To conclude

Choosing to switch from the analogue cigarette to the e-cigarette, you can finally have guests at home with the certainty of letting them enter a fragrant environment and no longer characterized by an unpleasant smell of pungent and acrid smoke.

The substances contained in the e-liquid base and the aromas for electronic cigarettes, in fact, once vaporized, do not tend to impregnate in the surrounding environments and objects but can be eliminated without problems and, indeed, are often also considered very pleasant.

In addition to liquids with tobacco aromas, you can also experience many other more or less fresh flavors. For example, there are fruity liquids, liquids with creamy aromas and many particular combinations and well appreciated by most people.

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