How to tell (easily) if the e-cigarette is broken

How to tell if the electronic cigarette is broken

Published on: 08/12/2021

What are the criteria to understand if the coil of an e-cigarette is burned and therefore to be replaced? Here’s how to recognize the main alarm bells.

Using the electronic cigarette may stop working from one day to the next or works abnormally.

The causes of the malfunction can be multiple, but how to tell if the electronic cigarette is broken?

Below we will tell you about the most common problems that can manifest themselves in the devices for vaping and when you can solve them quickly.

Here are problems and solutions.

Electronic cigarette that does not light up

The electronic cigarette does not light up: is it broken?

Take the electronic cigarette at hand and discover that this does not give signs of life when ignited, can put even the most experienced vapers in crisis. 

Fortunately, in most cases, the problem consists of easily solvable nonsense, but it is also true that e-cigarettes are not eternal and that, at some point, the time will come to replace them.

After this premise, let’s find out the leading causes of not turning on a vaping device so that you can return to vaping e-cigarette liquids as soon as possible.

Electronic cigarette locked

There are many cases in which vapers think that their electronic cigarette has come to an end and that, instead, they realize that it is only blocked. 

Before you think about the worst, check the instruction booklet of your kit if it is equipped with a locking system. 

If the answer is yes, generally, the procedure to be performed consists of quickly pressing the power key more than six times.

At this point, the e cigarette should start flashing, and you should unlock it.

Faulty battery charger

If your e-cigarette does not want to turn on after a night in charge, the problem is likely the charger. To remove your doubt, use another compatible one. 

If in this case the electronic cigarette does not charge and the device does not show signs of life, the time has likely come to replace the battery.

To ensure that the reason is this and not another, try a new battery: if the e-cigarette does not work, it is evident that the problem is another one.

Connection blocked by liquid residues.

Another of the most common causes that prevent e-cigarettes from turning on correctly is the accumulation of solidified liquids. Occasionally, the liquids that ivap leak out of the tank and get to the battery. When it happens, and the problem is not detected in time, the electrical circuit clogs and blocks the ignition.

To solve this, it will be necessary to clean the battery pin, hoping that it has not been irreparably damaged.

Damaged electronic cigarette

If your e-cigarette does not turn on due to a fall or after inadvertently wetting it, the electrical system is likely compromised.

If you have damaged your internal connections, the only solution is to buy a new device.

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The e-cigarette is on, but the steam does not come out: is it to be replaced?

Occasionally, there is doubt that the electronic cigarette is broken, even when the lights turn on, but the device does not produce steam. In this case, the leading causes could be two.

Failed electronic cigarette atomizer

  • If your e-cigarette lights up properly and seems to receive all the commands, but the steam does not come out, probably the problem lies in the atomizer. Understanding if this is so simple. Just try a spare one, and in most cases, the problem is solved.
  • Insufficient liquid
  • Another reason e-cigarettes often do not produce steam could be that there is probably not enough liquid in the tank, and cotton cannot fish for it. Make sure that the level of the liquid is sufficient and, if necessary, top it up, taking care to pour it into the right channel.
  • At this point, wait a few minutes and then try vaping again.
Topping up of the vape liquid due to insufficient level

Burnt-flavored vape: is the e-cigarette compromised?

If you vape with your e-cigarette, you happen to feel an unpleasant burnt taste that covers the taste of e liquid flavors, and you are not yet an experienced vaper. It is expected that you have been alarmed and that you are wondering if your device has broken.

In fact, in most cases, the cause is to be attributed to resistance.

The resistance or coil is a component of the e-cigarette that must be replaced frequently (about every two weeks) because, at some point, it burns out.

By replacing the old coil with a new one, almost certainly, you will be able to get rid of that terrible aroma of burnt that, eventually, as well as unpleasant, could even be harmful.

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To conclude

Thanks to our advice, you should be able to intuitively understand if your e-cigarette is actually broken or if it simply needs some maintenance.

To ensure a long life to your device for steam, it is essential to constantly and correctly perform the maintenance and cleaning of the various components and use only and exclusively quality products, such as those you can find in our online store

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