Absorb smoking odors — the best remedies: 3 solutions for the office.

Absorb smoking odors — the best remedies

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Do you happen to smoke cigarettes in the office and would like to get rid of their persistent smell? Here are the three most effective remedies

If you are a smoker and, due to too much work, you happen to find yourself smoking many cigarettes even inside your studio, it is likely that you are now looking for a solution to remove the bad smell that has formed.

The smell of smoke can become very unpleasant, especially in a small and closed space such as a study.

Is there a remedy to eliminate the smell of smoke and restore the scent of clean?

Are the smoke odor absorbers found on the market effective?

Continuing to read, you will know the most effective solutions to solve this problem, including the definitive one: the use of the electronic cigarette.

Here’s how you can get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke.

Woman about to smoke in her office

Odor-absorbing devices: effective, but…

After several futile attempts, you have probably realized that eliminating the smell of smoke from a room is not so simple.

Cigarette smoke, in fact, due to the numerous substances from which it is composed, unlike the vapor of vaping liquids, not only persists in the air but also impregnates on furniture, walls, curtains, and carpets.

Spraying deodorants, using baking soda and activated charcoal, and airing the room well can help limit the smell of smoke temporarily. However, when you smoke in a room for a long time, to definitively solve the problem, it takes much more!

Let’s start by talking about smoke eaters, i.e., devices explicitly made to absorb smoke indoors.

Looking at the leading electronics stores, you will realize that there are many models of odor-eliminating appliances, some of which are made with an attractive design, which goes very well with the formal environments of a studio.

How do these devices work?

Are they able to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke?

Usually, the most common odor-absorbers on the market are equipped with a HEPA filter or an activated carbon filter, two technologies that, effectively, can trap smoke particles and limit the perception of its smell.

Although these tools are helpful, it must be said that they cannot solve the problem of bad smell completely. To fully absorb the smoke, they should be equipped with a powerful suction system, which is hardly adaptable to a small appliance.

In addition to this, it is good to clarify that using a carbon-absorbing device to get rid of the stench as much as possible is essential for its constant cleaning and maintenance. If the smoke residues remain trapped in the filter for a long time and are not cleaned, the smoke eater will only become a new deposit of bad smell.

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Excellent cleaning: they solve the problem only if it does not recur

If you have smoked inside your studio for a long time and think that using a device to absorb odor cannot be enough. Still, you want to solve this problem to welcome customers and collaborators in a fragrant and pleasant studio. You can switch to strong ways.

Another remedy to get rid of the smell of smoke is to clean everything in the study, including walls, completely.

As anticipated before, the smoke creates a kind of film on the surfaces it comes into contact with, so it is essential to eliminate this patina to eliminate its bad smell.

In addition to providing daily cleaning, what you should do is:

  • wash carpets and curtains;
  • wash (and not just dust) all furniture;
  • thoroughly clean the filters of air conditioners;
  • wash the walls of your studio, treat them with an anti-odor additive and repaint them.

It is undoubtedly a challenging operation, but it will allow you to refresh the scent of your studio that, finally, will now clean again.

Of course, this result will last over time only if you avoid smoking again inside your studio and help you with this. There is another solution.

Man smoking in the office

From smoking to vaping: that’s why the electronic cigarette is the ultimate solution

Based on your experience, you will have already realized that smoking in the house (or in the studio) without leaving a smell is practically impossible.

If you absorb smoke using the devices, you have not obtained the desired results, and you have decided to repaint and clean your study from top to bottom, the only way not to find yourself again is to say goodbye to the cigarette.

If only the idea of this hypothesis makes you sweat cold, and you think that getting rid of the habit of smoking is too difficult, you should consider switching to the electronic cigarette.

In this way, you can maintain your habits and perform your usual gestures. You can also continue to take liquid nicotine (although, gradually, we advise you to decrease it), avoiding the onset of withdrawal crises.

And all this, of course, will prevent your studio from being soaked again in the bad smell of smoke.

Vaporized electronic cigarette flavors liquids, not being subjected to the combustion process, do not produce all the typical substances of smoke, which tend to fix everywhere.

In addition, keep in mind that, in addition to tobacco liquids, you can also try to vape many other e liquids embellished with fresher vape aromas, such as fruity and minty ones, or with creamy aromas, usually well appreciated by everyone.

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To conclude

By following our three tips, you can finally return to work in a fragrant studio, devoid of the acrid and stale smell of smoke.

It happens to smoke in the studio only a few times a year. But then, using a device that absorbs odor (which we talked about in the first paragraph) means that the smell of smoke has already impregnated everywhere. So, you will have to follow our second piece of advice.

If you want to do good for your health in addition to your office, you should seriously consider switching from the analogue cigarette to the e-cigarette.

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