How does the eGo AIO electronic cigarette work?

This is how the eGo AIO electronic cigarette works

Published on: 15/12/2021

Deepening on the functioning of the ego aio: the eco-friendly e-cigarette that satisfies newbies and experts

Suppose you are looking for a comfortable, performing, ecological and easy to use device for the vape. In that case, you should undoubtedly know the eGo AIO kit, one of the most popular electronic cigarettes of the moment.

After reading the features of this electronic cigarette, you will likely decide to buy it as a first choice or as an alternative to your usual e-cigarette.

Here is a brief description.

Features and benefits of the eGo AIO electronic cigarette

The eGo AIO e-cigarette, also on sale in our Terpy store, is one of the most popular devices for the swapping of the Joyetech brand at the moment due to its many positive characteristics.

Let’s start by talking about its appearance.

EGo AIO electronic cigarette with ecological packaging

The design of this e-cigarette is minimalist and straightforward, which makes it perfect to be used both by those who usually have a formal or elegant style and by those who are more sporty, without clashing.

Looking at our store, you will realize that this vaping device is available in many shades, specifically designed to satisfy the tastes of each vaper.

Let’s also see the size.

The e-cig eGo AIO is also highly appreciated for its lightness and small dimensions (118.05 × 19 mm), making it perfect to be taken anywhere without cluttering excessively.

In addition to being pocket-sized and beautiful to look at, this e-cigarette model also has many other advantages.

For example, it is equipped with a 1500 mAh battery that ensures long autonomy and a clearomizer. In addition, it is an atomizer with a transparent tank that always keeps the liquid level under control.

Filling the tank with this device with e-cigarette liquids is simple: insert the spout of the liquid bottle from above and press to the maximum level.

This e-cigarette, moreover, thanks to the sub-ohm system, guarantees a satisfying steam production. Besides, it is characterized by an excellent yield of vaping aromas and offers the possibility of adjusting the airflow to customize the vaping experience better.

And, to top it off, the packaging of this e-cig is eco-friendly. It was designed together with the ‘One Tree Planted’, an association committed to global reforestation.

Visiting our store, you can have all this for only 14.90 euros!

N.B.: The above prices may vary. Always check availability and costs of products directly in the shop.

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How to use the Joyetech eGo AIO e-cigarette

Among the many advantages of the eGo AIO electronic cigarette, there is also the fact that it is elementary to use.

Below, you can find the main guidelines.

eGo-AIO of all colors
  • How to turn on and off
  • To turn on the eGO AIO, you need to press the power button five times in a row quickly. If the operation is successful, the device will flash in turn five times.
  • To turn off the e-cigarette, you need to do the same thing.
  • Suppose you are wondering why it is not enough to press the button once. In that case, it is a security system, which allows you to safely put the e-cigarette in your pocket or bag without running the risk of it turning on unintentionally.
  • How to recharge the liquid in the e-cigarette
  • To recharge the liquids, you need to press the cap down and then unscrew it counterclockwise. At this point, you can dispense the liquid into the tank of the clearomizer, up to a maximum of 2 ml (do not go beyond the ‘Max’ sign).
  • If you need to recharge the liquid after inserting a new head, wait at least ten minutes or a quarter of an hour before vaping so that the cotton has time to absorb the liquid well. Starting to vape too early, in fact, often means burning the coil on first use.
  • How to replace the atomizer head
  • To replace the head, also called coil or resistance, the electronic cigarette unscrews it from the cap and mount the new component in its place. The coil can also be disassembled for cleaning.
  • How to regulate airflow
  • Adjusting the airflow to personalize the swapping experience is simple: turn the atomizer cap towards the closed or open airflow.

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To conclude

Now you also know the eGo AIO e-cigarette and understand how it works.

It is versatile, pocket-sized, user friendly and it is on sale at a reasonable price.

If you think that this e-cigarette can be right for you, visit our store to buy it and, of course, also choose tobacco e liquid, fruity or all other flavors liquids, or create your own personalized blends by purchasing the e liquid base and aromas you prefer to live your guzzle experiences to the fullest.

We are waiting for you on our e-shop. See you soon!