Electronic cigarettes and vaping headaches: why it happens and how to prevent it from happening again

Why can vaping e-cigs give you headaches?

Modified on: 03/10/2023

What can cause side effects of vaping, such as migraine and headache

Taking up vaping is a decision that many people make in an attempt to cut down on analogue consumption of analogue cigarettes or even to try to stop smoking altogether. Unfortunately, although it is far less harmful than traditional smoking, vaping an e-cigarette can also have side effects, some of which can be annoying and invasive.

In this article, you will find out what correlation there may be between headaches and vaping and how you can remedy this.

Vaping can give you a headache

Vaping can give you a headache: here’s why

Many people experience this discomfort after inhaling a certain amount of vapour from e-cigarette liquids, often accompanied by dry mouth and throat.

Of course, reactions may vary from person to person, and this discomfort may have varying degrees of pain, although in most cases vaping headaches are not severe and rarely become acute. However, the factors that can cause the onset of dizziness, headache and migraine after vaping can be various.

The main one is undoubtedly the amount of nicotine in vaping liquids. This substance, which is mainly responsible for addiction to smoking, is a component that most vapers use to wean themselves off the traditional cigarette gradually. However, if the liquid nicotine taken in by vaping is above the tolerated threshold, headaches can occur.

However, this side effect is not necessarily related to excess nicotine. In the composition of the e-liquid base, there is an element – propylene glycol – that in some people generates dehydration, a situation to which the body may react with headaches. Also, among the causes of this side effect may be the presence of poorly tolerated flavourings or ingredients in the liquids.

As already mentioned, vaping headaches are much less intense than those caused by smoking a traditional cigarette. Let’s find out why.

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Why you may get a headache after smoking

To understand why cigarette smoking gives a stronger and more persistent headache than vaping does in some cases, it is sufficient to distinguish the two processes by which inhalation occurs. Whereas the electronic cigarette involves the vaporisation of liquids, the analogue cigarette requires combustion.

During this process, tobacco and paper are burnt; therefore, many harmful and toxic substances such as nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide are introduced into the body with each puff. Consequently, it is more than usual for people who smoke many cigarettes to suffer acute and long-lasting headaches.

Nicotine, which also plays a significant role in vaping, can cause vasoconstriction and increased heart rate. In addition, this mix causes blood to flow in the head area sub-optimal, and the body reacts with headaches or migraines. On the other hand, carbon monoxide is the main culprit for dizziness in some people with a smoking habit.

Let’s face it: among the many reasons smokers try to give up the habit is the desire to get rid of headaches, and the fact that this side effect can recur (albeit in a lesser form) with vaping is undoubtedly not a welcome one.

Fortunately, if the problem occurs with vaping, it can be remedied. Let’s see how.

Headaches are among the side effects of vaping

Headaches from vaping: how to prevent and solve the problem

Having established the possible causes of vaping headaches, let’s see what you should do to avoid this annoying side effect. First, it is essential to read what components are present in the liquid to be sure that there are no vape flavourings to which you are allergic (or allergic) or which give you an unpleasant effect.

If the e-liquid base has too high a percentage of propylene glycol and you think your headache is due to this element, switch to a liquid that contains less of it instead.

And now we come to nicotine. Suppose an excess of nicotine is at the root of your vaping headache. In that case, you have two options to solve the problem: lower the nicotine dosage in your tobacco, creamy or fruity liquids or reduce the frequency with which you vape.

Regardless of everything, one way to prevent headaches is to maintain good hydration; therefore, drinking plenty of water can help prevent this side effect from occurring during and after vaping.

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In conclusion

Whatever the origin of your vaping-related headache, a solution exists. Unless the pain is too severe and frequent (in which case you would do well to talk to a doctor), you can try to cope with it with a few small tricks.

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